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How To Secretly Hypnotize Anyone


...Without Getting Caught

Learn Our Most Popular SECRET NLP Techniques!

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Here's How "Covert Hypnosis" Can Help You Get Going With Influencing Others Secretly and Powerfully Starting Today...

  • Predict future social events with absolute certainty -- business negotiations, presentations, romance situations, telephone calls. With such power, you will win unprecedented amounts of wealth, love, and success.

  • Not only predict, but actually control future events with absolute certainty -- career events, sexual events, family events. You will command superior respect, exploding wealth, extraordinary romance, awesome prestige.
  • Control other people's minds. Convince anyone of anything that is good for you. Regain lost love with an ex-partner instantly. Instigate a raise from your boss instantly. Sell products instantly. Make everyone like you.
  • Render opponents or competitors in business or love immediately helpless. Gently defeat them or mercilessly crush them if they are cheating you.
  • See what others never see. Know why the average person on his own will fail. Save a friend or loved one.
  • Learn to always have advantages socially.
  • Invert everything learned in this communication. Forego a sub-satisfactory life. Dump traditional communication ideas and advice and soar with a power from far beyond the loser's way of influence.
    • Gain the omnipotent eye of covert hypnosis. See from Olympian perspectives.

  • 6 questions you must answer to create hypnotic sales presentations. Sell your products hypnotically on TV. Sell them on the radio, the Internet, and face to face. Make your sales soar beyond your competitors.
  • How to expertly craft brain buster "blank spots" that make your listener stop dead in their tracks, then capture their mind, imagination and thoughts, and hypnotize them secretly
  • How to use clever, but innocent-sounding devices in your speech that instantly plug hypnotic commands your listeners will automatically unconsciously process -- and become willing participants in what you're commanding them to do. Make them have sex with you. Make them buy now!
  • There is a word that is commonly used in almost everyone you meet, that if you simply utter this word, will account for a significantly higher conversion of compliance, and it works like magic. Make anyone agree with what you say.
  • How to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) strategically to maximize the persuasiveness of your language and all your influencing communications. Find out the sneaky way to use NLP to "fly beneath the radar" of your listeners' perception -- without making your language appear clunky, contrived and verbose (as NLP tends to be).
  • How to trigger your prospect's buying sequence mode by using secret codes in your presentation that cause the prospect to buy without any resistance.
  • How to speak dynamic, paced, and with emotion that get your prospects' hearts beating faster, and amplify their desire for what you're "painting" in their brain. This technique is so powerful that your prospects will literally feel guilty and deprived when they don't sleep with you, listen to you, and buy.
  • The exact wording you must use when you talk so that people will look forward with anticipation to your next sentence -- and eyes focused open when they do receive, and hear it. Get attention from anyone.
  • What you should do if the "first hello" response you've gotten is not generating as much attention as you expected. This is the absolute best way to inject "like me now" into those you meet for the first time. Make people like you easily.
  • Secretly make everyone become fascinated with you. Never be ignored again.
  • What is the most important objective in embedding commands? You must get your commands delivered. This may sound obvious, but when you say your commands in a certain style or use certain inflection, the conscious mind that uses sophisticated filters may identify your message as conscious, and block your command from getting delivered unconsciously. This will never happen to you.
  • 16 psychologically compelling ways to craft hypnotic messages that are engaging -- and highly accepted. Here, I reveal some of my jealously-guarded psychological devices for seduction and selling, and I'm swearing you to secrecy on these.
  • How to initiate and accelerate anyone's action sequence -- no matter what you're trying to get them to do. Sell your product in minutes. Have sex with them in minutes.
  • How to tell an engaging story that prompts your listener to obey your commands
  • Unleash the power of your voice to talk psychologically spell bounding sentences that'll persuade people instantly. Have the ability to influence on a level you never dreamed possible.
  • How to magically make your listener switch to argue the opposite view of the view they just had -- without and effort on your part.
  • Proven tactics to alter the mindset of your prospects, and make them unable to resist what you're offering
  • How to crank up the emotional volume of your hypnotic presentations to make your prospect submit unquestioningly to what you propose
  • Unlock the real fire power that lies dormant in your present sales and persuasion activities -- and sit back and watch your sales soar
  • How to capture and use your prospects own imagination and predisposition to casually draw them to your spelled out action like a magnet. Make them think what you're telling them to do is their idea.
  • How to accurately read people's minds to know before hand what they're thinking -- and instantly change their frame of mind and how they're feeling.
  • How to remotely instill fantasies, dreams ...and program ideas, feelings and thoughts in your prospects mind -- no words necessary.
  • Discover to use the "Magic Touch" to bring back previous ideas, processes, thoughts and feelings, and make your persuasion a one time effort
  • 135 hypnotic phrases to get your prospects to go in trance and "buzz out" momentarily so you can unconsciously command whatever you wish -- and what you say sounds completely innocent.
  • Discover 6 proven secret "call for action" hypnotic paragraphs. Simply fill-in the blanks and PRESTO... just sit back and watch how it FORCES them to do what you say -- without any resistance.
  • Learn the step-by-step knock-out process to capturing your prospects thoughts and feelings so you can deliver ANY unconscious command you want accepted. With this formula you'll be learning -- you realize hypnotic communication it doesn't get any easier than this.
  • How To Deal With Defensive People. Discover how to melt down all their barriers fast. It's easier than you think!
  • How to distort a persons brain that shifts and make what you're saying seem like they've already done what you've described, and has, in fact, felt that way for some time already. Use this easy method for making people feel like they've known you forever, or like they've already bought what you want them to buy now!
  • How to use the most powerful force of nature when you meet people. Magnetize anyone and make them feel drawn to you instantly.
  • 22 Step-By-step precise examples of how people think and how to take advantage of you knowing this. It's an unfair advantage to know exactly how people think, you'll know exactly what someone's hiding just by what they say!
  • How to get a person to reveal to you exactly what you need to know and exactly what they are thinking and use it to get exactly what you want from them faster! plus, lots more!
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    18 Forbidden Psychological Devices

    Become Popular and Powerful With These Mind Control Secrets

    Your success in Persuasion and Influence … as in Mind Control Artist … is in your “profiling” – NOT in your techniques.

    Your Ability To Profile is the ONLY Asset You Need To Succeed In Controlling People!

    That’s why over 50% of “How You Really Can … Bump Up To The Expert Level Of Mind Control!” is dedicated to sharing with you …

    How To Profile People’s Personalities!

    I explain in detail the Facts of Life about Profiling a Personality! – What they want … what they’re afraid of … what they need … who to avoid … who is easy … who is more difficult … how to select the proper person to work with … what they secretly hope you can do for them … what will make them addicted to you … how to find out in under 5 minutes their personality … how to quickly “remember” these personalities – PLUS – exceptionally effective (profitable) methods I have used to profile people.

    You will also find out …

    • How to tell if a person can’t be influenced by you (this happens when they share the same personality as you) – save yourself the time and frustration … don’t even try it!
    • What to say so that a person becomes utterly fascinated with you!
    • How to treat a specific personality (one way of treating one person won’t work on another). – Here’s why.
    • Remove the wool from your eyes a practically predict people’s actions just by observing them.
    • What to say and do so that the person will do something they normally wouldn’t.
    • How to tell if a person will do something even if they say they would never do it.
    • Control the actions of a person by suggesting or doing only a couple of things continuously (and yes, they don’t catch on to it).
    • What to say and do so that people continuously ‘prove’ to you that they deserve more of your time.
    • What to do if a person becomes too overly obsessed with you (this happens from time to time).
    • How to master each personality and select the few that are compatible with you.
    • How to position yourself in the relationship as someone who can just tell them what to do --- and they'll do just about anything, and more.

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    About That Success You Wanted

    It Starts Between Your Ears.

    You will NEVER learn this in school or in the media hoaxed "fabricated" world... You're taught to measure your success based on your performance instead of building massive knowledge to become free from mental slavery and become a self-leader.

    Awaken The Creative Genius Within!!!

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    To make sure you get even more success faster and easier than ever before in your life and business, I’d like to give you 9 videos of my most powerful success-getting strategy that teaches you a new way to think.

    You Get A Special System That Was Taught To Me By A Multi-Millionaire Combined With Knowledge Of Over 375 Books That Cuts To The Good Stuff And Shows You How To Quickly Solve Your Problems, Improve Your Memory, And Get A Lot More Done In Less Time, Right Away!

    • How to create an unstoppable “Domino Effect” that drives you into success so you can quickly solve your problems, eliminate your stress and overwhelm, and even build wealth quickly while others wonder what your secret is!
    • A new way to think that was robbed from you by the age of 7 years old (and find out how to “reactivate” your genius brain so you can unlock new abilities and the full potential of your mind). Make no mistake, this theft was done to you through the media and music ON PURPOSE so you would learn to think the wrong way as an adult!
    • How to gain back your true power that they stole from you so you can out-compete others and win no matter what!
    • How to apply a simple strategy that turns any vision you have into a living reality for you, your family, and your career or business so you can acquire massive wealth, cars, homes, toys, vacations, and the finest medical, dental, and nutrition.
    • How to stop wishing and start having so you can take control of everything you set your mind to and see it all the way through to the successful end result!
    • How to profit from your gifts, talents, and authentic personality so you can enjoy being you while building tremendous wealth and value for others they’ll appreciate.
    • How to get over procrastination and seize the moment RIGHT NOW by finding your groove so you can quickly and easily get more organized and get the most out of your time each day.
    • Create an enormous shift in the way you think… and how you can apply your newfound genius ability artistically, scientifically, and in business. That means no matter what, you will become the best you can be!

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    Secret Seduction Techniques

    “How To Quickly Double Your Confidence And Ability To Talk To Women So They Find You More Attractive Immediately By Using These Hypnotic Seduction Techniques Proven To Put Them In Bed With You”

    Are you seeing lots of beautiful women but not getting any interest from them?

    My adventures with women began with little or no confidence and not knowing what to say to women just like you.

    I also had “this girl” who would only be my friend and no matter what I said or did, she never wanted to be my girlfriend.

    Then I discovered how to double my chances of not being rejected and actually getting her into bed. Then my skills doubled my chances again.

    This took just a few days once I began to put these elements in place.

    Here were the results:

    • I learned how to get women’s phone numbers in seconds.
    • I built up my confidence to approach any woman, anytime.

    • I talked to women in hypnotic ways that made them “want” me -- NOW!

    • I dated several women at once -- they all knew it, and none of them complained.

    • My friends were all insanely jealous how many different beautiful women they’d see me with.

    • It was very rare for me to sleep alone because I could just call up any girl at any time in my phone waiting for me to invite her over.

      Here’s what I’ve done for you.

      I uncover the crucial mistakes guys make that causes women to feel unattractive to you and how to avoid them.

      Then I show you how to meet women with confidence and show you what to say and how to treat her so that she can’t help but find you utterly attractive.

      That means more women respond sexually to you, want you to be hers, and daydream about when the two of you will be together again. That means a LOT more sex.

      I also quickly cover the hypnotic techniques that you don’t know how to use that, like most struggling guys in the dating arena, don’t know even exist that gets women to melt in your arms and sometimes aggressively make moves to get you into bed.

      Just learning these Secret Hypnotic Seduction Techniques will increase your ability to get laid by up to 50% overnight.

      Even more important, I can show you how to increase the animal magnetism and confidence on your part to a point that overnight, again, you can get double, triple, even quadruple more women interested in you sexually and the results you get.

      These secrets, PDF's, and audio programs and insights until now, were removed from the market after getting married because I lost total desire in teaching guys how to pick up women. I got my dream girl already (after going through hundreds of them) and since I’m happy, I decided why not let other guys use what I know, so they too could get positive results?

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      Ninja Six Formula

      Coming Soon!

      Advanced Covert Hypnosis Home Study Course

      "Follow My Proven Audio Course Step-By-Step And Apply Covert Hypnosis Automatically In 7 Days or Less"

      The Covert Hypnosis Mastery Course is in MP3 audioformat.

      Listen to it directly on your computer, listen to it when you're in your car, jogging, driving, or however you wish.

      It's designed to get you in the unconscious habit of using all my secret covert techniques!

      Have a real, simple day-to-day action plan to follow. Learn it passively. No hard studying required!

      Discover my secret covert tactics that have never been shared before.

      The techniques you'll be learning in this special audio lesson are so subtle, simple, an easy to apply, you'll be unconsciously pushing people's hot buttons without any sly slip if the tongue.

      My Covert Hypnosis Mastery Course doesn't require any prior knowledge of hypnosis, NLP, or persuasion skills whatsoever.

      You're practically getting an entire university audio course on covert hypnosis. You're going to be an expert once you get your hands on this material!

      You'll be using all the techniques automatically!

      If you think it's going to take some work, you're right. I'm not going to lie to you. You can't do nothing and not get the results you want. But, if you follow the course to the letter, you'll have more power than 97.75% of the people you meet. You'll have a whole arsenal of tools ready at your beck and call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

      It's the easiest covert mastery course in existence! It covers practically everything!

      Find out exactly how to talk to people, and hear it from me personally.

      I take you by the hand, show you exactly how to speak correctly. If you don't do this correctly, you're wasting your time! I show you how all my super secret all-important techniques of tonality, rapport and body language dynamics.

      Discover how to manipulate a persons sense of time.

      Make people feel like they've already bought your product or service. Make lovers feel like they've been your lover for years -- even if you've only known them for a few short minutes! You'll find out why this is probably the most powerful form of covert hypnosis in existence!

      Find out exactly how you can create the most compelling hypnotic language patterns.

      You're getting my entire personal resource I use to create the most compelling sales presentations, language patterns, advertisements and conversations. There is no guesswork involved. Just follow the guide, choose certain phrases and words, and poof! Crank out your own killer hypnotic language patterns for your business and personal pleasure. And it only takes minutes to do!

      Get the "extended" Version of How To Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught!"

      After you order this program, you'll agree that I'm going all out here. You're going to be getting a manual that's 250 pages long to accompany your covert hypnosis mastery. This one manual alone is worth the entire package you get today!

      A revised and expanded language pattern tool box

      Rapidly develop a hypnotic voice that compels your listener to obey you

      Easily add hypnotic pattern components together to create dozens of your own powerful “do what I say” commands – and make it seem like innocent conversation

      A simple technique that when used gives you hypnotic ability – more than you’ve ever imagined (miss this skill and your persuasion diminishes)

      Discover step by step exactly how to create hypnotic presentations that predictably work

      Get your hands on the most comprehensive psychological tactics that gives you the upper hand in virtually any social situation

      Compelling pre-written language patterns you can use immediately that are proven to work

      How to design the perfect body language (miss this key ingredient and you’ll be sure to still send “don’t like me signals”)

      How to literally tap into a persons brain and psychologically command them to do what you desire – no questions asked

      Insider secrets to psychological selling tactics that can improve your ability to land the sale by up to 100% or more

      My sure fire method of embedding hypnotic commands while the prospect has no idea you’re doing it

      The fastest way to make people like you – and no, it has nothing to do with win friends and influence people skills

      The single most powerful way to create compelling “do what I say” language (leave out this technique and you’re persuasion just won’t be any good)

      What it takes to seal the deal in sales negotiations and the very last thing you must do if you want to increase your profits by up to 36%

      How to embed commands in your writing – find out how to use italics, bold letters and “quotes” to maximize the hypnotic effect

      Discover the sneakiest way to unconsciously communicate to a person – pay attention in this section of the course, it’ll make or break your persuasion success

      You're getting everything you could possibly need to succeed in your covert hypnosis mastery!

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      Blaszakian Hypnosis

      This Class is Currently Closed


      WARNING: These Mind Control Techniques Are So Loaded And So Powerful, You’ll Probably Sit Stunned In Utter Disbelief!

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      High Paid Consultant

      This Class is Currently Closed

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      Frame of Mind Influence

      At Last! You Can Now Easily Gain Control of People's Minds Before You Meet Them?

      The Right (and wrong) Ways to Use Frame of Mind Control

      This newly released work called "Everything You Need to Know About Frame of Mind Influence" by Nathan Blaszak is the quickest and easiest way to learn street smart hypnosis.

      • The real reasons why you already know people perfectly -- the secret truth known by master hypnotists, salesmen, and "psychics" finally revealed!
      • The tips, tricks, and techniques that make sizing people up work like a dream!
      • Discover exactly how to read people's appearances and find out more about them then they probably even know about themselves.
      • Avoid the shallow mistakes nearly everyone makes when reading physical appearances.
      • 4 sure-fire bullet questions you can plug your answers into to nail dead on, accurate intelligence with ease!
      • How to guarantee that a person falls in love with by re-visiting one of the biggest secrets that almost nobody knows!
      • 2 magic questions you absolutely must ask if you want to have success in influencing anyone, plus more!

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      Salesmanship And Hypnotic Storytelling

      Persuasive Speech Techniques To Build Popular Beliefs And Influence Behavioral Change


      Discover the secrets of world class speakers... Learn to tell engaging hypnotic stories by now discovering the tricks skilled salespeople, religious leaders, and gurus use to earn MILLIONS in sales. ;

      -- THEY ... Subconsciously Hypnotize Audiences ...

      Learn The Tricks Of The Trade!!!

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      Do you know the secrets to dramatically improve sales for your business -- beyond anything you could have ever imagined?

      If you guessed "storytelling", you're absolutely right.

      Some of the most successful businesses in the world get this right. Most do not.

      The first time I had ever used storytelling in my sales presentation I couldn't believe how many people responded compared to my "other" sales strategies (that were already making me several thousands in sales per week, I might add).

      Not only did I make a TON more sales than I could have ever expected, but a lot more people were posting comments, sharing my content, and giving me all the social proof I needed.

      Since then, I started to "decode" the master speakers and big business giants -- the "real" movers and shakers and reverse engineered what they were doing and how they were so effective in getting response and results ...how they were talking, what psychological sequences they were using, and why they were so popular, loved and admired.

      By the time I was done, I had unlocked the mystery behind the hidden framework to hypnotic storytelling, complied it into an easy to read, power packed e-manual that gets to the point and shows you, step-by-step, how the real pro speakers, authors, and gurus influence audiences using stories.

      IMPORTANT: Stories are critical to your next business breakthrough. If you miss any of these storytelling techniques or fail to use them in your business, you'll never reach the high-status of an expert and you can kiss your sales goodbye. What's more is if you do it wrong, then it could ruin you and your business, reputation, and more. . It's proven. We've tested this. A LOT.

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      You Can Hypnotize Anyone

      In 7-Minutes Or Less!

      I mean it. No HYPE. No B.S.... Quit stepping over hurdles and become a MASTER HYPNOTIST.

      Get The Proven Hypnosis Scripts Guaranteed To Work For You
      On The Street, Stage, And Clinically

      -- DO IT WITHOUT... Complicated terminology.

      Learn REAL Hypnosis That Works!!!

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      Whether you're new to or consider yourself well versed, these advanced high-level techniques of hypnosis will boost your ability to hypnotize anyone, anyplace, anytime.

      No doubt, you want to present yourself as professionally as possible as a hypnotist and have the best-scripts available because one of the most important things you can do as a hypnotist is have positive "word of mouth" advertising because that means "you" as a hypnotist gets results.

      • How to hypnotize people on the street, if you want, in 7 minutes or less – typically – in less than 2 minutes … (Everyone in amazement will watch how you can speed hypnotize people!)
      • Why you’re almost guaranteed to hypnotize those that tell you they can’t be hypnotized or seem “afraid” of your powers (HINT: They are already subconsciously telling you they believe you have the power!) Here’s what you need to say next!  
      • My Favorite Word-For-Word Rapid Handshake Induction that can put people into hypnosis in 2 minutes or less!  
      • Discover exactly what your subject will think of you after you announce yourself as a hypnotist and what to say to put them into trance fast!  
      • How to rapidly deepen trance as soon as you put them to sleep.  
      • Wow your spectators on the street as you quickly drop your subjects like flies – so to speak.  
      • Why street hypnosis is actually the easiest way to hypnotize anyone (and how it can land you a lot of side jobs).  
      • How to quickly, safely, and easily bring even your deepest subjects back out from a hypnotic trance (sometimes they aren’t going to want to come out of hypnosis you make them feel so good). Here’s what say and how to do it!  
      • How to sharpen your skills as a hypnotist, plus more!  

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      Almost Magical Rapport

      Here's How You Can Quickly And Easily Gain Instant Rapport Guaranteed To Magically Influence... Without Casting a Spell!

      Suppose you could follow universal laws and magically command people to do what you want, without saying a word!

      Imagine… you harness a personal power that's available to everyone, make a few mental slieghts, and seduce, sell and attract just the right people as you see fit with absolute certainty.

      Sounds too good to be true?

      Well, it isn't if you have the right knowledge.

      Which Of These Powerful Secrets Could You Use To Influence Anyone Remotely?

    • Plant ideas and thoughts inside anyone without saying a word and make the impossible, possible!
    • The most controversial yet seemingly jaw-dropping theory of how you can tap into the universal quantum field and exploit the hidden powers of the universe – and why I’m taking a HUGE risk releasing and sharing this information with you
    • Find out how energy is made up, what it means to you, and how to use it to experience a personal power most people never do in a lifetime – in only a few short minutes! Have, be, and do anything you want – with not one negative consequence!
    • Become unstoppable by harnessing universal quantum power and grow it to a level whereby you influence and experience life changing events almost instantly
    • Why most adults find this subject childish and silly when it’s costing them dearly, and leaving them behind!
    • Make quantum leaps in your influencing ability on a level you never thought possible
    • The one simple common denominator that all self-help books, courses, and seminars teach and how to cut through the bulk of it to experience more personal power faster and easier than any other method
    • The most thorough, scientific and complete explanation about what psychic influence really is, and how you can use it without any gimmicks, spell casting, tarot cards or rituals – create your own horoscope!
    • Find out how I paid dearly for the misuse and abuse of this power and how to never have the same negative consequences ever happen to you (and why you must find out how you can protect yourself from getting beat up and thrown in jail! True story.)
    • The one skill you absolutely must learn to develop if you ever want this power to work for you – and 3 powerful proven ways to strengthen it!
    • Seduce others using the power of your mind alone
    • If you don’t make a relationship with this part of you, nothing will ever seem to fall into place
    • How to surround yourself with ANY energy you intend to have (i.e. attraction, money attraction, creativity etc.) quickly and easily and how to sustain this level of energy for as long as you desire
    • How this energy using the power of your imagination can influence other people in ways you’ve never dared before!
    • How to successfully organize the universal energy so you’re never at a loss of what to do
    • Discover how I used this power to earn HUGE profits playing roulette at the casino
    • The three step magical influence introduction to others – have them like you before you utter a single word
    • How to surround yourself with only the best potential people for you to be around and get rid of those that are hurting you
    • How to tell before hand if a person is good for you or not – without any verbal exchange!
    • What to do in the conversation if you don’t know what to do – this one piece of advice is worth solid GOLD
    • How why what happens to you is not by mistake and why you better be thankful when something doesn’t work out as planned – examples included
    • Make people laugh hysterically using quantum power – it’s probably the most hilarious thing you’ll ever witness
    • The one magic strategy that conditions the person to like you more and more and why it’s one of the least used yet most powerful strategies ever discovered
    • Aren’t sure if what you’re doing is working? Here are the universal tell-all signals
    • How to command people using your mind power to leave you alone, or even the entire building you’re in! Plus, lots more!
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      Ultimate Hypnotic Selling Formula

      For Now, Here's What You
      Get Inside “The Ultimate Hypnotic Sales Formula”

      A definitive, step-by-step, LITERALLY do-this-say-that  reference manual and audio course called “The Ultimate Hypnotic Sales Formula” The audio and the transcript file explaining the process is the heart of the information package.

      Here's a partial list of just a tiny fraction of the pearls you'll discover inside this practical reference manual and audio class:

      • The very first thing you should do BEFORE getting on the phone with them (or meeting in person).
      • The first thing you should say after you are on the phone (or meeting in person).
      • The most incredible, word for word hypnotic pattern that gets people feeling comfortable with you offering them something later during your call – without upsetting them… that they always say “yes” to. (This is KEY to making this whole process work!)
      • The 4 key points that must be discussed during your sales pitch that causes your prospect to increase their motivation to buy without any resistance.
      • Step-by-step exact process to employ the world famous fractionation and literally get your client asking *you* to help them, and what your offer is.
      • Word-for-word objection destroying language patterns. You literally just say them word for word, shut up, and watch them buy.
      • Nothing pushy. No tricks. In my 15 years of hypnotic selling experience, I can honestly tell you that this is the best conversational sales strategy IN THE WORLD!
      • Wind up ending all of your phone calls in a pleasant way, where the two of you could likely become friends and much, much more...

            Now, just imagine if you started making this hypnotic sales formula work for you. How much more time, money, and freedom would that mean to you?

            There's no need to reinvent the wheel. Everything is ready for you, absolutely turn-keyed, and all laid-out for you step-by-step.

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      Dreams Turned Real

      "At Last! You Can Change and Improve Perfectly…Without a Lot of Work"

      The Right (and the Wrong) Way to Learn How To Change ANYTHING In Your Life Quickly!

      This newly released audio course called "Dreams Turned Real" by Nathan Blaszak, Cht. is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to turn what you wish your life would be into a reality. Inside this magnificent work you'll get the shortcuts to start living the life you've always wanted starting IMMEDIATELY. Absolutely everything any person looking to make more money, improve their relationships, health, etc would need.

      • Find out exactly who you are, for real ... A soul? Your mind? Brain? Body? The answer just may surprise you! And after you discover the truth, you'll always be able to change anything that you don't like about your life. THIS SHOULD BE TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS!
      • Finally understand the truth about how your mind really works and exactly how to control it to get any predetermined results you have in mind and solve your most annoying problems that never seem to go away.
      • Think you have bad past-time programming from childhood? If you can't currently seem to get a grip on every area of your life, or seem to have the same bad things happen again and again, then you really do have negative programming from childhood. Here's how to get rid of it.
      • Find out exactly how to use your mind and body the way that it was designed to be used that most adults fail to even ask about -- let alone use! Ignorance is NOT bliss in this case! This is one of the biggest reasons why most adults fail by accident because it's not their fault!
      • The single most important exercise you could ever do every day that hones in on your goal with laser focus and keeps you on the fast-track to guaranteed success (and no, it's not saying affirmations in the mirror or doing silly tapping exercises that don't work permanently!)
      • While failure and mistakes can and do occur, using this special technique ensures that you're well prepared for these times, how to overcome the pitfalls that happens to every successful person with ease, and why it's actually exciting when you fail or make mistakes!?!?
      • If there is ANYTHING you get from this entire program that takes the cake in value, this exercise would be it! In fact, you could even skip the rest of the program (not recommended however) and do this exercise only and experience a windfall of amazing changes.

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      Mind Matrix Audio Technology

      "Now You Can Program Your Brain Perfectly -- To Believe Positive Statements That Come True Automatically"

      Nothing is more powerful than your "god-like" brain called the subconscious... Whatever it believes is true, makes it true in your life. Our proprietary mind matrix audio technology unlocks the hidden code and frequencies and programs your mind with positive "is now" statements you need to be successful.

      11 Topics.

      -- Works Without Conscious Effort --

      Backed By 22 Years Of Research!!!

      By, Nathan Blaszak, Cht.

      Of course you want more money, better health, amazing relationships, better performance, confidence, and success. But you've tried so many "law of attraction" and "positive thinking" ideas you don't know who or what to believe anymore.

      You just want your frustration of getting what you want to stop more than anything else so you can FINALLY just start getting what you want, and you should.

      That's where I come in.

      My name is Nathan Blaszak, and I'm a master hypnotist who has been working on "audio technology" since 1995. I've designed, experimented with, and used "affirmation recordings", subliminals, meditation audio tracks, "reverse affirmations", silent sound -- to name a few.

      Some were successful, and others -- not so much.

      A quick back-story...

      At the age of 15, I was introduced to the idea of "positive thinking" and saying affirmations. Shortly after, I learned to record affirmations into a cassette boombox and would listen to the recordings while I slept.

      When real results began to kick in and I noticed changes occuring in my life, I became fascinated with using audio technology to make positive changes and improvements. -- AND ... since 1995, have been experimenting with them ever since.

      Today, we have perfected audio technology to program your subconscious mind to automatically believe positive "is now" statements.

      While you listen, your brain absorbs these affirmations as true statements about you. Thus, making those subliminal-level statements come true for you without any effort on your part.

      • That means no vision boards.
      • No rehearsing affirmations.
      • No need for long-winded self-improvement exercises.
      • No running in circles trying one self-development technique after the next.

      Furthermore, this audio mind matrix technology automatically induces within your brain a certain frequency to release stress and promotes health and well being.

      Some people even swear by these audios -- and claiming it's what they use as a virtual sleeping pill. Others notice they have more energy. Some people find immeidate positive effects -- more so than they had anticipated.

      Your experience will be your own. Just know, that it WILL be positive, and the only thing you have to do is listen to the recording!

      Yes! That's all it takes!
      And it can work for you too...

      I know because it has worked for thousands of people just like you. However, I don't expect you the believe me until you see even more proof.

      Don't just take my word for it...

      I promise your situation is not not unique. And more importantly -- your situation is NOT hopeless.

      The big problem who suffer from lack of success in their life have been fed the 2 BIG myths by gurus, authors, and speakers.

      Here Are the 2 Biggest Myths About Success That Will Never Get You The Results You Want:

      1. The first one is "Positive Thinking"
      2. The second one is "Affirmations"

      Let's look at this closer...

      1. Positive Thinking -- If positive thinking worked so well, then how come millions of people who do it still lack getting results? If what they say about positive thinking were true, then everyone would live like millionaires, be in perfect health, have amazing relationships, etc.

      I fell into this trap a long time ago. They said "just think positive" and so I did. Until later did I realize that thinking positive only lasted as long as my willpower and to make a long story short: positive thinking is a CONSCIOUS method!

      Just like...

      2. Affirmations -- As you may have realized, affirmations do NOT work! Why? Again, you are using the wrong part of your mind!

      FACT: Changes don't happen on a conscious level. They happen on a subconscious level. The conscious isn't responsible for making change -- the subconscious is.

      That's why nearly every "self-development" technique doesn't work.

      You see, the conscious mind is the EGO mind. That means whatever thoughts you have going on consciously right now is based on what your subconscious mind believes.

      THIS IS IMPORTANT: you CANNOT get from where you are now to where you want to be consciously because whatever you believe right now is reflected on what you believe subconsciously so even if you think you "know" how to get to where you want to be right now, you're operating on the belief systems of what got you what you're getting right now to begin with.

      That means no matter what solution or affirmation or positive thought you have in the moment is, it doesn't make a difference because it won't be correct!

      At first, when I learned this, I was confused. What I wanted more than anything else for myself was to break free from working for anyone else and to have time and money FREEDOM.

      Well, I "knew" where I wanted to go, and I spend three years trying to consciously figure out how to get to where I wanted to be. What I didn't know is that the ego thinks it knows who, what, where, when, why, and how to get there and as long as I listened to what my conscious ideas were, and follow them, I'd arrive to the destination.

      This isn't the way it works!

      In fact, if you listen to your ego then what will happen is you'll stay stuck where you're at. -- AND ... when things don't work out, your ego says "See?! You weren't going to be successful at it!" and it beats you up about it's own idea!

      Why? Because the ego only knows how to get where you are currently! Nothing more, nothing less.

      That's why you feel like nothing changes and that you're running in circles with little or no results to show for your efforts.

      That's also why people suffer and bang their head against the wall and feel frustrated and STUCK.

      They are trying to improve consciously even though that's NOT the purpose of the conscious.

      As soon as I realized this, I began to program my subconscious with new positive "is now" statements.

      That's it. That's all I did.

      I let go of trying to consciously figure anything out. I didn't care about who, what, where, when, why, or how anymore because I knew that as long as my subconscious believed it, it has to come true!

      And it did!

      Within a few months, I walked in to my job with a smile on my face as I fired my boss because I was earning more on my own in a single day than what they were paying me after two weeks working full time!

      Within a year I was earning six figures. Then became a "serial entreprenuer" earning millions in sales.

      Did I "know" how I was going to get there? Or why? Or who would help me? Or what I needed to do? Where I supposed to look? When I was supposed to take action, or not?

      No! And let me tell you -- it was nice not having to figure anything out!

      It just so happened that I'd meet the right people, pick up the right book, listen to the right messages and be at the right place at the right time -- as if my mind was seeing opportunities I had never seen before, (as if something invisible was guiding me) and my life completely turned into exactly what I had wanted it to become.

      All from programming my SUBCONSCIOUS!

      Wouldn't you agree that it's crazy to think that you'll get different results if you keep doing the same thing over and over again? If I keep touching a hot stove and kept getting burned -- I'd be silly to think the next time I touch that hot stove I won't get burnt.

      That's why you need to try something different...

      Here's How Mind Matrix Audios Can Help You To Get Success Automatically Starting Today

      You see, I've been using "subconscious programming audios" since the age 15. And today, after making hundreds of them, I've finally finished making recordings that automatically program your brain with powerful positive "is now" statements that when accepted -- must come true.

      It's different than anything else on "subliminal programming" you've ever seen, and quite frankly, is something I'm really proud of because it has taken me 22 years to develop.

      Here Are Just A Few Of The Breakthrough Benefits Of Using Our Proprietary Mind Matrix Audio Technology To Program Your Subconscious Mind For Automatic Success:

      • Program your subconscious mind with positive "is now" statements in a specific sequence the subconscious mind accepts -- and once accepted becomes true for you automatically!
      • The positive "is now" statements are tested and carefully planned by a real master hypnotist -- proven to deliver the most potent affirmations into the subconscious in the right sequence for the fastest and most positive results possible!
      • Induces a brainwave "theta" state (similar to the moment just before falling asleep) so your subconscious rapidly and effortlessly absorbs the positive statements as "is now" truth and immediately begins to make them true for you!
      • Releases stress, tension, lack, and limitation so you can freely express yourself confidently and happily without forcing or faking it.
      • Opens your conscious filters to see new possibilities so you can become aware of -- and sense opportunities that match up with your new subconscious beliefs and bring about effortless luck, change, and good fortune.

      Okay, So What's The Cost For These Audios And How Does This System Work Exactly?

      First, before we talk price -- you need to know that this is about commitment! The subconscious mind learns through repetition. That means your success comes from actually listening to the audios for 21 days in a row -- at minimum.

      So it's not for you if you think you can listen to it once and then expect miracles to happen in your life. However, that is not to say that you won't notice results quite quickly.

      The trick is momentum. After a few days, you'll gain momentum toward new beliefs. As evidence bcgins to show, the beliefs become stronger to the point where eventually it just "is truth" for you.

      Second, like I said before, this has taken 22 years to develop the right combinations of affirmations, audio technology, and subliminal sounds to make these audios STAND OUT and actually WORK.

      That means what we have discovered is a certain sequence of audios should be listened to in a specific ORDER.

      That is why we created an audio series designed to be delivered to you a monthly basis, and the first 3 months are CRITICAL to listen to in ORDER.

      So Here's How It Works:

      Month # 1: "Ultra Intelligence" -- A mind matrix audio designed to "pre-stage" the inner workings of your mind to think and act like a genuis.

      What this recording does during month one is it re-wires your brain to achieve maximum thought and belief structure.

      Ultra Intelligence Is Designed To:

      • Stimulate Creativity
      • Instill Confidence To Achieve Anything
      • Become Smarter
      • Improve Your Memory and Learning
      • And Promotes Mental Health And Well Being

      One you have succesfully used Ultra Intelligence during month #1, you'll then move into...

      Month # 2: "Success Conditioning" -- A mind matrix audio designed to "build massive confidence and success" so you believe you can accomplish anything (and we do mean anything).

      It is designed to:

      • Eliminate limits, fear, lack, doubt and confusion or anything else that might hold you back from your full potential so you can breeze through projects or goals without second guessing yourself.
      • Promotes ease of success (meaning you can easily do what you want, when you want it, without worrying about what anyone else thinks) and see your way through to the end of the projects quickly and easily.
      • Apply your talents, skills, and knowledge as well as strategies towards building wealth for you and your family so you can begin to see possibility and opportunity to support yourself financially on your own with ease.

      After that, we move into...

      Month 3: "Money And Wealth" -- A mind matrix audio designed to "build massive wealth" so you believe important (and necessary) statements about money, wealth, financial success and freedom.

      This audio is hyper-charged to bring more wealth to you as quickly as possible!

      As you begin to listen to this recording, you can expect to...

      Acquire new knowledge and strategies about wealth creation that is just right for you so you can find your passion and as a result enjoy what you're doing that ensures you prosperity.

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