"How To Tell Hypnotic Stories"

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If you’d like to discover an easy fast and powerful way to tell stories that hypnotizes your audience or listeners in writing, over the phone, or face to face (as in on stage or in videos) to at least DOUBLE the chances that they’ll do what you want them to, I can show you exactly how to do it.

Storytelling is one of my most favorite topics because it seems to influence people covertly better than any other technique or combination of techniques I’ve ever used as a covert hypnotist.

Lately, people have been asking me when I was going to develop something new about hypnotic storytelling and I always said “When I have mastered it’ and now after 12 years, I believe I’ve got it nailed down.

Telling Hypnotic Stories Can Be Confusing

I started out telling very random stories and really for the most part was confused by how to introduce and then tell them a story -- not to mention what needs to be said in what order and why, and what could be left out without appearing to be manipulative.

After all, do you really need to embed commands? Manipulate or hype people’s emotions? Describe things in vivid detail? And how long should your stories really be so they are effective in producing our desired outcome?

Telling Hypnotic Stories Is Easy
When You Have The Framework

Today, I’ve discovered 7 of the most powerful ways (including the step-by-step framework) to tell stories for just about any situation that at least DOUBLED my ability to get people to do what I wanted -- without using any weird, clunky, or verbose NLP tactics.

After gaining a total understanding of how to do it right by studying all the masters today, it only took me just a couple of days to begin using it with my children, clients, prospects and in my intimate relationships.

Here were the results:

  • The relationship with my children created a strong bond. I could teach them effectively and they began to respect me and look forward to spending as much time as they could with me. They started to say how “cool” I was because when I spent time with them we laughed, learned, and not to mention my life was filled with lots of hugs :-)

  • My clients that I worked with increased their productivity and actually USED what I was showing them. If you’ve ever been in the consulting business or authored a book, you know that I’m talking about. Nearly 80% of the people don’t ever get around to using what you show them but after I started using stories, they became hypnotized to actually use what I taught or told them to do and incidentally, get REAL results with surprising success stories to share that they began to tell others bringing me more clients and business!

  • Obviously, sales is a huge part of business. No sales = no business. Without selling effectively then you’re business will suffer. But after I started using hypnotic stories to sell my products and services, my sales TRIPLED in response and conversions and in some cases - QUADRUPLED.

  • When I spoke on stage I always used to talk “AT” people. I didn’t really known the framework to speaking in a way where I could walk off stage and receive a standing ovation every time. The same goes for my videos or even audios. I knew that I was an “authority” in my field but for the longest time people wouldn’t respond as much as I had hoped by merely acting like one. Then I started to use a specific storytelling framework that shot me up to the playing field of some of the highest paid experts and actually sold TONS more stuff, got roars from the crowd, and received celebrity-like recognition every time I spoke.

  • My intimate relationship started out hot and heavy but eventually sort of settled over time. Wasn’t there anything new? Exciting? Or thrilling about me anymore to keep the passion alive? After using storytelling strategically each day with my wife, our relationship reversed back to what it was like when we first met in such a way that each day she sits and waits to hear my stories and our passion is alive and full.

So Here’s What I’ve Done For You:

I’ve uncovered the leaks about storytelling and show you how to plug them.

That means more people stay around to hear what you have to say and absorb your story or message. That means more sales or total understanding of what you teach.

I also quickly uncover the mistakes that you’re now making that, like most struggling business owners, salespeople, teachers, and a speakers, are interfering with gaining massive response, compliance, total absorption of the message you have to share, and sales.

Just removing these roadblocks will bump the influence you have over people by 50%, 100%, even 500% overnight.

Even more important, I can show you how to increase the magnetic power of your stories to a point that overnight, again, you can see double, triple, and even quadruple the results you get.

* People will take more action.

* They’ll learn more effectively.

* They’ll assume you are an expert/authority.

* You’ll teach powerfully.

* You’ll be more likeable.

* They will trust you.

* They will bond with you.

* They’ll buy more of your stuff!

* Other experts will invite you into their world!

* They'll become hypnotize to believe you.

* You will STAND OUT from the rest of your marketplace as “the one to go to” - and more.

I put all this information in a no nonsense e-book that you can check out right now if you like. It’s called “The Step-By-Step Hidden Framework To Hypnotic Storytelling”. The cost is just $47

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Nathan Blaszak, Cht.

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