Over 99% of what you have read, or heard, about mind control on the internet is pure, unadulterated misleading hogwash.

"BUT – You Really Can Control People With 18 Forbidden Mind Control Secrets You Never Knew!"

Without NLP'ing Anything

(You don’t even have to have any mind control experience to begin – but – you may want to use some “quick” influencing techniques with them).

By, Nathan Blaszak Cht.

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I know … I know … everybody tells you that you can secretly control people using NLP and conversational hypnosis.

You’ve probably gone through more than one book, ebook, audio course, video course or report about Conversational Hypnosis … haven’t you?

They all say about the same thing … don’t’ they?

Granted, each of them takes a different approach … some of them even have unique ideas … but, all in all, they pretty much offer the same methods, tactics, techniques and strategies … nothing really knew. – But …

I’ve only been using these 18 different Mind Control Secrets for less than 9 months and “forgot to use” just about every single conversational hypnosis and NLP method of the old days because these techniques basically wrap people right around your finger…

There’s Absolutely No Reason Why You Can’t Do The Same!

Until about 4 months before I started writing this, I only used MY “how to hypnotize secretly” techniques in my business, with kids, wife, friends and family to influence, persuade, and to help them.

I thought, because I’ve mastered covert hypnosis, NLP, psychological devices and hypnosis, there wasn’t anything more that I could learn about it – BUT – there was. – As I have discovered, many, many years ago (but forgot, again) … there is a LOT we don’t know about the mind and influencing people. – SO …

I started seeking if there was a simple way to get people to become addicted to you and what you offer that could be found worthy of the “quick, easy, and effective” strategies … “real” good stuff, not the majority of crap.

Guess what? – Within 3 months, I could quickly “spot” the type of person who I encountered was, use a few subtle tactics, and they would come back to me again and again for repeat business, companionship, my friends contacted me again and again wanting to hang out, I eliminated time wasting friends (and I even “accidentally” had women flirting outrageously with me at local pubs, grocery stores, behind counters as clerks at banks, etc. -- even though they knew I was married).

Then, I started to share these same secrets with my closest friends and family members and they were reporting the same – and most of them have never even heard of NLP before.

There’s Absolutely No Reason Why You Can’t Do The Same!
And … It Doesn’t Matter If You Are New Or A Pro At Influencing, You Can Increase Your Power To Influence IMMEDIATELY.

Over the past 10 years … just as you probably have … I’ve downloaded just about every FREE report, eBook, manual and course I could find about mind control, persuasion, covert hypnosis, conversational hypnosis, NLP – plus – I’ve bought upwards of $15,000 of the same stuff … ranging in price from $9.97 to $2,997. (It’s beyond me, but for some strange reason businesses find some kind of numerological magic in ending the price with ’97.’)

Anyway, even with all that information in hand … I still had to figure out how to put it together for myself!

ALL of them were right … ALL of them were wrong.

In all too many cases, the writers of those books, ebooks, booklets, reports and articles tell you "what to do" or "what they have done" but fail miserably in trying to tell you "how to do it."

Don't ALL the books, booklets, reports, courses, manuals, programs and seminars about NLP and conversational hypnosis say just about the same thing ... whether you have to pay for them, or you get them Free.

SO ... You try a little of this ... a little of that. -- Some of it works a little bit. But, none of it seems to work a lot.

Hey, don't feel like the Lone Stranger. -- I did the same thing, too ... until I put it all together.

I had to figure out how to put it all together for myself - but - you won't have to!
I'm going to teach you "how" to Put It All Together for Yourself and ...

Become Popular and Powerful With The 18 Forbidden Mind Control Secrets!

Over the years, I have written well over 250 books, booklets, reports, articles, manuals and courses about mind control and influence – but – unlike my contemporaries, I have only written about things that I have actually done SUCCESSFULLY. – So …

For the past couple of years, whenever someone asked me when I was going to release something advanced about mind control, my answer has been …

“When I have done it SUCCESSFULLY.”

Now I’ve done it, and so can you.

This is your opportunity to learn “how to” do what I have done to become a highly popular and profitable businessman and lover. – I tell all in my new course …

“How You Really Can … Bump Up To The Expert Level Of Mind Control!”

“How You Really Can … Bump Up To The Expert Level Of Mind Control!” isn’t just a chronicle of what I’ve done. It doesn’t just tell you “what” you should do … it explains in detail “HOW” to do it.

All of the books, reports, and articles about conversational hypnosis and NLP had “secrets” to tell me – but …

As a wise business man named Jim Straw once said his father had told him "There really aren't any secrets in this old world. Only things you don't happen to know right now" but over the last 50 years of being in business he added …

"Even after you learn what you didn't know, it still remains a SECRET until you actually do it successfully."

Now that I have done it “successfully” … in my marriage, with clients, strangers, business partners and associates … I really know “how” it is done.

Over the last 15 years, I have (really) sold millions of dollars worth of products and services … dated over 1,400 women … helped thousands of clients in their personal and professional lives … have “in demand services” ranging from $997-$2,500 just for an hour of my time.

Actually, I thought I knew everything about “mind control” until I got started on the internet – but – as John Wooden said …

"It’s what you learn after you know everything that counts.”

What I have learned … after I thought I knew everything … was that I did know “Everything I needed to know” I just hadn’t adopted it and adapted it to my personal and business situations. – You probably do too.

Even though I have made fortunes using NLP and conversational hypnosis over the last 15 years and have had outrageous success in my personal life building relationships, I have told hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people who desire this personal power wanting to gain control of their life that…

“If I didn’t have the NLP, Hypnosis, and Persuasion and Influence Techniques Over the Last 15 Years … If I Had To Do It All Over Again … I Would Never Waste Time With NLP or Conversational Hypnosis. – I Would Simply Start By Using These 18 Mind Control Devices And Eliminate The Hassles Of Memorizing Language Patterns, Terminology and Lingo, Rapport Building, And Other Methods That Eat Away Your Time.”

In other words, I would only start by learning the simple formula of FOWM + AT = Mind Control. (My life would have been a lot simpler.)

NOTE: Here is a quote that says it in another way:

“As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.” ~Henry David Thoreau

IF .. over the past 15 years … I had ONLY used these 18 mind control devices, I would have; without a doubt, gained the same results – BUT – because my time in learning would have been greatly reduced, I would have made a lot more money and lot more friends and lovers.

That’s what you should do, if you really want to increase your power to influence and persuade people.

Learning the simple 18 mind control devices you never knew is far better than mastering thousands of details about conversational hypnosis!

As a Mind Control Expert, You Will Have…

NO complicated lingo … Very LOW effort to master them … -- NO time wasting … -- NO trial and error … -- NO numbers games … -- NO memorizing language patterns … -- NO rejection … -- NO, or at least very limited, risk.

But first, you need to know …

What is a mind control device?

A “Mind Control Device”, is basically a strategic verbal or no-verbal method you apply to a specific personality type … OR a tactic that entices a person to feel as if you’re “the source” of something they cannot or are not currently getting. – You DO NOT “hypnotize” them, you only subtly suggest you have something they want, and they become almost addicted to you because of it. There are 18 different ways to do this and what you use varies from person to person. They are easy to master and to remember.

You DO NOT have to know the person before using it … the person only has to be introduced to you and have a few lines of conversation with you. All you need to do is ask the right questions and determine their general personality, so you will have the knowledge to act so that they find you irresistible.

As an Expert of “Mind Control” you are NOT a hypnotist.
You only introduce people to the idea that you can give them what they are missing.

One of the biggest … if not THE biggest … mistakes made by beginning mind control experts is that of trying to “sell” directly to a person that they have what they are missing or really want from life.

It is NOT a job as an expert mind control artist to directly sell any idea … The job is to introduce indirectly (and Ill show you how it’s done) ideas that you are the “source” for what they really want and need.

As I told you, over the past five years I’ve read and studied over $15,000 worth of “how to” information about mind control and covert/conversational hypnosis – plus – hundreds (if not thousands) of FREE reports on the subject.

ALL of them were right … ALL of them were wrong.

They all seem to focus on gaining rapport … finding the right sentence structures … psychologically triggering people … anchoring … using metaphors .. etc., etc., etc., technical nausea. – BUT, they seem to forget to tell you …

Mind Control is Easy!

You don’t even need to know “conversational hypnosis” … it will just take you longer to master something so simple.

If I had known back in 1996, what I know now, I wouldn’t have learned as much as I did about all that NLP lingo … with all its headaches.

Instead of spending all that time learning, memorizing, and applying through trial and error, I would have used these 18 very simple mind control devices by quickly profiling who I was talking to … maybe even rely solely on these devices alone. (I’ll tell you how it can be done after you review the course).

Using just these 18 devices, I would spend less than 5% profiling … 20% of my time listening … 5% of my time using a device … 5% of my time waiting for them to respond to the device … and 65% of my time enjoying the benefits of it.

Why? Because …

The one and only thing you MUST have to succeed when influencing people is to determine their personality.

So, before you even use any of these devices, you MUST develop the skill to determine who exactly you’re using it on. – If you don’t do that, you’re doomed to failure before you even start.

In “How You Really Can … Bump Up To The Expert Level Of Mind Control!” I teach you…

How I Profile People’s Personalities!

Step by step … point by point … exactly how you can do it. – Because…

Your success in Persuasion and Influence … as in Mind Control Artist … is in your “profiling” – NOT in your techniques.

Your Ability To Profile is the ONLY Asset You Need To Succeed In Controlling People!

That’s why over 50% of “How You Really Can … Bump Up To The Expert Level Of Mind Control!” is dedicated to sharing with you …

How To Profile People’s Personalities!

I explain in detail the Facts of Life about Profiling a Personality! – What they want … what they’re afraid of … what they need … who to avoid … who is easy … who is more difficult … how to select the proper person to work with … what they secretly hope you can do for them … what will make them addicted to you … how to find out in under 5 minutes their personality … how to quickly “remember” these personalities – PLUS – exceptionally effective (profitable) methods I have used to profile people.

You will also find out …

  • How to tell if a person can’t be influenced by you (this happens when they share the same personality as you) – save yourself the time and frustration … don’t even try it!
  • What to say so that a person becomes utterly fascinated with you!
  • How to treat a specific personality (one way of treating one person won’t work on another). – Here’s why.
  • Remove the wool from your eyes a practically predict people’s actions just by observing them.
  • What to say and do so that the person will do something they normally wouldn’t.
  • How to tell if a person will do something even if they say they would never do it.
  • Control the actions of a person by suggesting or doing only a couple of things continuously (and yes, they don’t catch on to it).
  • What to say and do so that people continuously ‘prove’ to you that they deserve more of your time.
  • What to do if a person becomes too overly obsessed with you (this happens from time to time).
  • How to master each personality and select the few that are compatible with you.
  • How to position yourself in the relationship as someone who can just tell them what to do --- and they'll do just about anything, and more.

Of course, when you want to have this power over others, you MUST be careful because … people can outright lose their mind over you! (I’m serious). I’ve seen people do some of the craziest things to me such as stalk me, pick fights just to keep me on the phone, spy on me late at night to see what I’m up to, send me emails after emails after emails begging me for help…

This is ULTRA advanced technology of mind control here and I don’t want it to get into the wrong hands, so you must “do good by this” information, okay? That’s why in “How You Really Can … Bump Up To The Expert Level Of Mind Control!” I will share with you how to avoid turning a person crazy … what to do if they do go crazy on you … and –

You will actually join me as I walk you through some of my own regular day experiences. – Step by step, point by point … you will follow me as I do everything that needs to be done; explaining how I do it, why I do it, and how you should do it.

Throughout the information contained in the course “How You Really Can … Bump Up To The Expert Level Of Mind Control!” rather than just giving you a fish, I’ll teach you how to go fishing for yourself.

Now, the only question you have to answer for yourself is…

“Do I Really Want to Have The Power To Control People or am I Just Playing Pretend?”

If you’re tired of “playing pretend,” order your personal copy of “How You Really Can … Bump Up To The Expert Level Of Mind Control!” today! – It’s only $69.95 (first 25 special intro orders only)… a small pittance to pay to finally be able to tap into the mind of anyone.


Nathan Blaszak Cht.

PS: -- These are the exact same mind control devices I once charged $250 apiece for in my Mind Control Monthly Newsletter that only select individuals were invited to learn. If you do the math, you’re getting $4,500 value, for just chicken scratch. Get it now.

PPS: -- When you purchase this course, you will automatically be signed-up to receive my “Mind Control Updates”.

Issues of Mind Control Updates” will contain any updates to the materials in this course – and – I will also tell you about various mind control devices I’m currently testing and mastering personally. – Of course, I try several every single year and I’ll even be open to your suggestions, if you are interested in my experience with other mind control devices you have questions about.

Mind Control Updates” are updated and published any time I have an “update” for you … daily, weekly, monthly or whatever.

You Are Face To Face With Your Destiny

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Here are some random comments I've received from my Mind Control Monthly Members about these 18 skills... (note: names have been removed simply because, well, let's face it -- if you were an expert at mind control, would you really want your name on the website?)

"WOW! You WERE holding back! Thank you for finally releasing this!"

"You described my wife to a 'T' and now I'm using what you shared in this issue with great success. She's putting out a lot more now. LOL - thanks!"

"Dude - seriously? Where has THIS information been my entire life? Nice!"

"Loving it! You have a great way of teaching. Easy to remember. Even easier to apply."

"If you don't know how to pick apart people after you learn this you're an idiot."

"When you read to me this technique over the phone I was in stitches -- never before have I ever heard something that is so obviously perfect in application."

"Got my trophy girl. My friends are jealous. Loved the issue. It works! Thanks for sharing!"

"I made out with a lesbian friend last night. Can't believe how easy it was. Loved the issue. It definitely works. Surprisingly simple."

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