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Nathan Blaszak
Nathan Blaszak, Cht.

Nathan Blaszak is a certified hypnotherapist through the Internation Hypnosis Association, is widely acknowledged as the leading expert in hypnotic persuasion, personal development and the premier advocate of "Apply Hypnosis."

Mastering concepts created by hypnosis legends and persuasion masters like Milton Erickson (First Generation Covert Hypnosis) and Richard Bandler (A NLP Founder), Joe Vitale "Mr.Fire", Ross Jeffries, Maria Veloso, Joe Sugarman, Ivan Pavlov, and hundreds of other authors and books that are too much to list here, along with mastering concepts on the art of persuasion, quantum physics, QiGong, influence, persuasion, selling, hypnotic writing, philosophy, religious views, motivation, marketing, advertising, politics, self-hypnosis, the law of attraction, energy healing, and more this 22-year veteran of hypnosis and covert hypnosis mastery has developed a unique model of hypnosis for self-improvement and covert phsychological persuasion that has consistently been proven to create personal success, show you how to live like a champion, establish wealth and abundance, create big business, find happiness, prosperity, health and wellness, build or re-establish meaningful relationships, and more.

Fellow hypnotists have dubbed him as the "killer persuader" and "the best-kept hypnosis secret on the web" -- and he has become one of the most sought-after specialists of self-development and persuasion in the industry.

His reputation for creating compelling, hypnotic messages and surprisingly effective but simple self-improvement strategies that work is well-known in hypnotic persuasion circles.

Through his unique model of self-hypnosis and personal development techniques, he has transformed thousands of lives showing them how to create wealth and abundance, success, happiness, and more fulfilling relationships.

Through his unique model of persuasion, hypnotic speech, and writing, he has sold several millions of dollars' worth of products and services for him and clients -- sometimes selling multi-thousand dollar products and services on Auto-Pilot. He's met and seduced up to 3 women in a single day. Through the sheer power of hypnosis, he has taught how to persuade from businessmen to salesman to teachers to seducers.

Nathan Blaszak started his hypnosis career in 1999 when he worked as a salesman for a subsidiary of the famed "Filter Queen." Over the past 18 years, he has covered the full spectrum of hypnosis - - including manifestation, belief changing, NLP, as well as persuasion abilities such as body language, covert speech, sales presentations, public speaking techniques, phone closing, seductions, web copy, marketing communications and press releases.

In 2001, a little while after the World Wide Web was just beginning to gain popularity, he started specializing in what has recently emerged as one of the hottest subjects on the Internet - - hypnosis. His most recent designation was that of Director of Apply Hypnosis Center (a major persuasion mastery center spearheaded by Nathan Blaszak Himself), where he was involved not only in persuasion, but also teaching businessmen, salesman, parents, seducers, teachers and public speakers hypnotic lessons, persuasion mastery and covert methods of influence and how to achieve wealth, abundance, and success both personally and professionally. He also applies his unique ability to simplify these complex subjects.

Because of his extensive background, he has come to know exactly what works and what doesn't work when it comes to self-development and persuasion and influence -- and this has been the basis for the development of his signature brand of health, wealth, and wellness -- Apply Hypnosis.

His new released work, titled "Instant Belief System" is destined to be the definitive method on quick, effective, and easy change for the ordinary person. It's a video class that should be on every businessperson's, seducers, teacher's, parent's -- as well as every copy or speechwriter's -- screen.

“YES! Learn Hypnosis Fast By Getting Simplified Covert Hypnosis & NLP Skills Teaching You Strategies You Need To Master Quickly”

(Without the Mumbo Jumbo)

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