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Are You Prepared For Personal Freedom And Power?

Freedom is a mindset and the shackles you wear only appear in your life because you don't have the eyes to see how free, wealthy, and powerful you are... You lack specific knowledge, were trained to chase rewards -- much like a dog or any other animal is trained. Good little slave!

You've Been TRICKED! Through "Magic". Through Education and Propoganda.

-- THEY ... Think They Have The Right To Train YOU?!?

Not Any MORE!!!

Totalitarian Brainwashing

The Death of Freewill.

"What works?" The reward system does. Just like training a dog. It's nothing but conditioning. And if you don't want to wait until the government to have total control about what is approved or not -- whether it is moral or not, then you must get educated.

Educated about what?

"Interplanetary carbon unit reprogramming pod." That's the Big Idea. It was born from sheer desire from elites in the early 70's who wish to see children being "dumbed down" to never think independantly or exercise free will.

They literally want to consolidate or to use what the Soviets called "central planning" through your childrens education to create a one world socialistic government.

No doubt, you've heard the term used by presidents and world leaders "New World Order" which basically calls for the consolidation of schools, businesses, and leadership. Most people think it has something to do with the rich getting richer -- but they're already rich!

Now they want control. "Total" control. Control of you. What you eat. What you do and don't get to enjoy as luxury. And they want to control your childrens mind (and already have been) through the use of computer education. [Get the answer right, get a smiley face and a noise "ding"].

If they are successful, that means your favorite local place to eat being replaced by "one" resturant approved by the government. Food provided by the government. That means "re-inventing" schools to be workforce training instead of learning to creatively bring value to the world as an individual. The exact same training *you* recieved if you attended a public school -- on steroids.

"Conclusions and Recommendations" - report of the commison on the social studies (funded by the carnegie corporation) -- the book virtually recommends that the curriculim all be geared towards the soviet union system, internationalism, planned economy AKA: "A Plan for A Socialist America." Published, 1934.

Never heard of the book?

No. You haven't. Because only one hard copy of this book exists in the whole world. Fortunately, you can read it in PDF form here. See for yourself. It's real.

This isn't "fear mongering" it's PROOF you need in order to pay close attention to what we have to share with you because you are involved in this right now, whether you like it or not!

It's about training you based on what you can do for the global economy -- not what you can accomplish as the valuable individual you are.

Sounds scary, right?

Well -- get informed!

Read the book.

How Much Is Your Mind Worth To You?

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