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Are You Using This Incredibly Powerful Hypnotic Device Correctly?

By: Nathan Blaszak, CHT

I was just reminded of a neat little covert hypnosis technique that I haven’t used in years. I like to call it confuse the crap out of them... using time... and bang away.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

I’m talking about a confusion technique to slip commands into a person’s mind that gives you the ability to make anyone do what you want.

Let’s give it a whirl (and mind you I’m a little rusty at this):

You’re sitting here reading this blog post. Before you were reading this blog post you were doing something else and after you finish reading this right now you’ll be doing another thing later. That means as you continue to read this blog post you’ll be amazed right now when you let go and relax.

Okay, I told you I was a bit rusty.

Let’s try another one: Never mind.

What do I think is so amazing?

Let me tell you. This method SUCKS. I never use. That’s why I’m rusty at it.

The man who invented this technique ought to be cast down into a black hole for eternity while big disgusting rats gnaw at his ankles.

Who in their right mind would say in the middle of a date “You’re sitting at the table and earlier you weren’t, and now later you’ll be dancing or possibly sipping on a drink as you begin to wonder… you’re having a lot of fun now.”

WHAT?! Shut up dummy! Get over it. I know I’m sitting here! It’s obvious I wasn’t. What do you need to tell me these things for! Believe it or not, this was in a book I read (which for obvious reasons I won’t mention here) about subliminal persuasion. Loser! 

I’ll admit, I do teach something similar in my “Advanced Covert Hypnosis Course” but not something as pathetic as this one.

I can just see it: “John. That’s your name right? Now you’re standing here looking at the car right now, and earlier you weren’t” SHUT UP! I’d walk off the showroom floor.

I feel sorry for those poor people who are going out in the real world, thinking that this is some sort of effective covert hypnosis technique. Hopefully they’ll scrap this one after the first attempt because it just ain’t gonna work!

So THAT technique is amazing to me. It’s amazing some scumbag actually teaches people this crap.

On the flipside (now that I’m done going off on my own little rant – I feel better) the idea of “time distortion” is phenomenal when used correctly. People tend to focus on either the past, present or future.

With a few key questions and a good ear, you can easily figure out what point of time the person primarily focuses on. Then... use it as a motivation. People need to be motivated.

Plain and simple – that is, if you want them to do what you want... And you can’t tell a person who focuses on the past how great their future is going to be without showing them their past first – which is normally some sort of pain.

I Just told You a big SECRET if you grasp the hidden meaning in that paragraph – just so you know. Anyway, a person that focuses on the present moment doesn’t care about how things used to be or how things could be. They want the satisfaction of the moment.

People who focus on the future are unaware of their past or present moments etc. Of course, time distortion is only a single technique so you’ll have to use more than one covert hypnosis strategy to further motivate them.

Then again, it might be the only technique you’ll need. You’ll never know until you try it! At the very least, you’ll appeal to the way they think which will make you a very likeable person.

So to demonstrate this, here’s a short play I wrote for you to better understand:

Guy: “So what do you do?”

Girl: “Well, I work in my own art gallery.”

Guy: “Oh, you’re an artsy kinda girl. I like it. Tell me, what is it about your work that you find most rewarding?”

Girl: “Well, I definitely LOOK FORWARD to showing the new customers the paintings and I especially like when they GIVE ME INSIGHT TO WHAT I CAN PAINT NEXT. You know, it’s a good feeling knowing that a person WILL TAKE MY PAINTING HOME AND PUT IN ON THEIR WALL.”

Nathan chimes in: “Looks like this girl is a future thinker, I wonder how Guy will use this to his advantage?”

Guy: “You know what I find interesting? Before I met you I was really LOOKING FORWARD to learning more about you and I’m beginning to see some potential in your character. It’s not every day you get to meet a person that makes you feel so comfortable to be around.”

Girl: “Aww, that’s sweet. I don’t think any one has ever said that to me before.”

Guy: “...and just a few moments we’ve shared together has really GIVEN ME INSIGHT on what great things I can expect as the evening progresses.”

Girl: “Yeah? Like what?”

Guy: “Well, have you ever just met a guy that caused you to just STOP… and imagine a time in the near future – maybe the two of you laughing, flirting and joking and just having a good time?”

Girl: “Yeeeeaaaah?”

Guy: “And what was it about those feelings and images you held inside that you found most important?” ...and the process continues!

This is so much better than the silly confuse the crap out of them using time and bang away strategy, don’t you think?

I think so. Amazing!


Nathan Blaszak

P. S. What did you do yesterday as you think about right now, and tell me what you’ll do tomorrow. Yuck!

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