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"I Should Be Dead"... Is What They Told Me, Then I Became Living Proof That This Works!

By: Nathan Blaszak, CHT

Once upon a time, I had to go to the emergency room. That day, I had finally lost it. I had enough. My life was stressful. On top of that, I was drinking, smoking, overeating, and filling my belly with caffeinated beverages all day long.

The doctor said I had a “simulated heart attack” which is, basically anxiety attacks that seem like heart attacks. Doc also said that if I didn’t stop whatever I was doing, I was going to kill myself.

Being in my early 20’s, this is a scary thing to have to hear, and what’s even more scary is when they have to give you a “nitro” pill! These pills are reserved for the elderly with heart problems or people who have had a heart attack before!

I remember thinking “What the hell is going on, Nathan!”

I was only a young buck and my health was so bad that I was putting a lot of pressure on my young body, and dramatically accelerated my aging process until one day I decided to make a change. This was today.

You see, this little hospital visit was a HUGE turning point for me. I decided right then and there that I was going to “be stronger than that.”

Now, let’s rewind a little bit before that because I have some fantastic news for you later in this letter, but you need to hear this...

Before my scary hospital visit, I was putting a lot of pressure on myself. I just had a kid, my business was just getting off the ground, I owed the IRS more money than most people can make in three years, and everything I seemed to try, only dug me into a deeper hole.

To make the pain go away, I’d drink alcohol after the work day. I wouldn’t spend any time with the family. I would “get lost in a drunken stupor” So I could sleep at night. I would overeat. I’d smoke two packs of cigarettes a day for “stress relief.”

Thank GOD I didn’t turn towards any harder illegal street drugs – something I’m so thankful for today because at the rate I was going, I’d probably wouldn’t be alive.

Then, one day my body just finally had enough, and off I went to the hospital. Let me tell you, riding in the ambulance sucks. If you’ve never been in one, consider yourself lucky.

On top of that, I live in a small town so everyone and their brother knew I was trucked off in an ambulance. I’m surprised I wasn’t in the newspaper.

Whatever. To say the least, I was embarrassed as all hell. For weeks I had to explain to everyone that all sorts of things didn’t happen to me that everyone thought did because in this town, if you stub your toe – by the end of the day everyone is saying how you’re neck is broken and you’re in a wheelchair.

Anyway, can you see how my lifestyle and choices caused my body to basically scream “Enough already! I can’t take any more abuse!”????

Now, the next day was a very good day for me. My heart rate and blood pressure finally went down, I suffered through withdrawal of alcohol, I quit smoking those lousy cigs – everything cold turkey.

It wasn’t easy. I’ll tell you, to have to basically tell myself the first day all day long “you’re stronger than that” was a pain in the ass.

I had this friend, see. And long ago he smoked cigarettes and one day just up and quit. I admired how he took control. He was strong. So what led me to discover to feel “I’m stronger than that” was when I remembered how he described to me how he quit.

He said “I guess I just don’t like the idea that some stupid plant has power over me.” I admire him still to this day for his strength. I’m thankful to have a friend who gave me this advice, too.

Anyway, the first week after my visit to the emergency room was *extremely* painful to go it alone. I was constantly nagged by my brain to smoke, or to have a drink. It would tease me with thoughts of “you can control it now, you now understand that you don’t have to overdo it. You’re okay, you can smoke, you can drink.”

Finally, I had enough of this. I had enough trying to convince myself that I was stronger than that. I had enough of these nagging and deceitful thoughts and decided to change them, once and for all.

So I tried affirmations. They helped. A little. I would wake up in the morning and say them while standing in front of a mirror. As I went for my morning run I would say them. As I took a shower I would say them.

And guess what? It got boring. I mean really boring. I was tired of it. Bored.

So then, finally, I got a sudden flash of a memory of about ten years prior to this – and this one thought I discarded for around three days.

And those three days, I would get more “flashes of insight” about doing something I used to do. These thoughts reminded me of wanting to go into business for myself and when I wanted to have this success that I listened to subliminal audio recordings.

I remember thinking “They don’t work.” But then my brain pleasantly reminded me that I did in fact listen to them, and to look at me now – how I’m in business for myself... just the way I wanted to be.

So I decided “What the hell. If they worked for me before, I’ll try them again.” And with faith, that’s what I did.

I went down to my computer, dug up all my audio software, formulated a complete subliminal audio to “change my beliefs the lazy way” and started to listen to these subliminal audios every night while I slept. In any case, at least once a day I would listen to it for an hour.

To make a long story short, I don’t go one night without listening to one of these subliminal audios.


Because they really do work. At least for me. I don't drink. I don't smoke. I'm closer to my family than ever before. My business has increased by leaps and bounds and most of all, I'm happy!

Now, I’m not saying that subliminal audios work for everyone or will work for you. Once you listen to one, you have to make that choice. But I do have a lot of friends and family calling me all the time asking me to make one for them.


Because they are working for them, too!

Like, for example. I had a friend named Mike. He was an alcoholic. He couldn’t wake up in the morning without having a drink right away. I made him a subliminal audio. He listened to it every day.

Three weeks later, he moved out of state, to North Carolina. He now lives in a “dry county” and hasn’t had a drink in over 3 years!

Now, at first blush, Mike thought that he quit drinking because of moving to this dry county. Hell, the way he figures it, the subliminal audio didn’t do it -- the fact that he couldn’t get a drink in a 50 mile radius was the reason for him quitting drinking.

You see, this is how subliminal audios work. They go directly to work on your subconscious mind and make changes from the inside out. That is, when you change the way you think, believe -- the rest of your world changes too.

And subliminal audio makes these changes for you – without any work. All you need to do is just listen to them every day for around an hour.

Remember when I told you I had discarded the idea of subliminal cds working for me when I wanted to go into business? I thought I made it happen – not the subliminal audio I had created.

Today, I realized that because of my “inner beliefs” changing about going into business – that was the reason why I was led to the right books, the right teachers, membership sites, seminars and mentors. Hell, had I not changed my thoughts and beliefs about going into business with this subliminal audio, there’s no doubt in my mind that I probably never would’ve experienced my outstanding success in less than a year!

I could go on and on about NOT believing that they actually work. Because, contrary to popular belief, people tend to think that they only have to listen to it... and somehow by magic without having to do anything... they will get what they want.

For example, if they listen to a make money subliminal, by magic some bag of cash will appear at their doorstep.

This is part of the reason why most people tend to think they don’t work. They expect miracles to happen as a result of listening to them – and expect to not have to do anything to get what they want.

If the world was perfect, subliminal audios would do this. The reality is, they just don’t work this way.

Instead, they program you to think differently. To have different beliefs. Then, you’re led to one opportunity after the next. Finally, it’s up to you to ACT on these opportunities. Had my friend Mike not acted on the opportunity to move to a dry county, he’d probably be dead.

Make no mistake about it: your subliminal audio is causing all of this to happen. All you have to do is ACT, and that’s pretty easy, don’t you think?

You do? Great!

Because you know that you won’t have to recite affirmations every day, use some sort of do-hicky new age mental reshaping technique, relive your past and so on. You just listen to your recording once per day.

Now let me share with you another way about how subliminals work:

Think of your brain as a computer. You have what runs your body, organs etc on autopilot. Your brain, once developed a certain habit of thinking or acting will also develop an autopilot system. In fact, your brain loves to develop habits – it thrives on them. It does this to make your life easier.

If you think about it, if you had to consciously think of everything you do all the time, like walking, eating, etc – you’d have to be doing a lot of conscious thinking!

Instead, your brain gives you a “gift” to take the burden away by developing habits you can automatically do while you focus on other things – like, improving your life!

For example, you could eat a sandwich while at the same time plan out your future, right? You don’t have to say to yourself “Okay, pick up the fork, stab it into the steak, grab your knife, see saw it back and forth, just a little more, there, you have a piece cut, stab that piece with your fork, lift up your arm, put it into your mouth, push it between your teeth with your tongue, bite down and so on.”

Can you see how if you didn’t run on autopilot in certain areas of your life that your day would be full of conscious thinking? You’d be hard pressed to make any changes. It would be like having to relearn everything all over again, day in and day out.

Unfortunately, this autopilot behavior can work against you, too. Remember when I drank alcohol every night to “escape” reality and the stresses of my life? It wasn’t that I didn’t have any other choices. It wasn’t that I didn’t WANT to NOT drink. It was just the only way I had learned to find relief.

You see, your brain wants you to feel good. And if the only way it knows how to feel better than what you’re currently feeling is to drink, overeat, smoke etc. It will make a habit of it!

Once that happens, it’s hard to make the changes because as far as your ego is concerned: if it’s working for you – regardless if it’s good for you or not, there’s no reason to change this behavior! Not until you consciously decide that there are other options.

But even then, it still isn’t easy to make these changes. Then, you have to put up with your brain trying like hell to remain consistent with its previous behavior, habits. It doesn’t like to change. For all it knows, what it’s doing is working for you, why change it?

So then you get into the battle with the ego. It will tease you, try to trick you, talk you out of it – it’s actually very clever. And at times, quite annoying.

Relax, There’s Finally A Real Solution: Subliminal Audios. They work because instead of trying to “fight” or “erase” your current behaviors, as you listen to the recording it will program and “overwrite” your current beliefs and autopilot programming with a more successful set of habits!

And you don’t even have to think about it or do anything but listen!

I like that idea, don’t you? You do? Great!

So as my valuable reader, I’d like to invite you to try one of our subliminal audios known as Ultra Intelligence and when you decide to place your order for one, I will give you FREE of charge my “Inner Mind Programming Success Secrets.”

Isn’t that nice? I thought so, too!

This course is the same set of successful actions I’ve learned over the years that generate, well, success! But I’d like to give it to you, FREE!

Why would I do this?

Well, first. It won’t cost me one red cent to deliver it to you. It’s all in electronic form so that means you’ll be downloading it once you buy Ultra Intelligence from me. As soon as your order clears, you’ll be given a special link in your e-mail order confirmation. So you can get started learning my personal formula for success that’s worked for me and thousands of other people right away!

The second reason why I’m giving you this program for free is because I think it’s a very good incentive for you to at least give one of my subliminal recordings a try. And once you experience the lazy way to make changes, you’ll buy the rest of them from me!

Why wouldn’t you? If it’s working for you, and you get what you want as a result of it working, then you’d be crazy NOT to buy more!

Of course, there’s always a money back guarantee on my subliminals, anyway. Worst case scenario, you send it back to me and get a refund on your money right away – and KEEP the "Inner Mind Programming Success Secrets” FREE!

Interested? I thought so! Click this order link for Ultra Intelligence to place your order. Fill in your credit card information on our safe, secure encrypted order system.

It’s that easy. And remember, as soon as your order is placed, you will be redirected to the download page with a link for Ultra Intelligence as well as your FREE access to “Inner Mind Programming Success Secrets”

Just click here to get started with subliminal audio. Do it now. You’re worth it!


Nathan Blaszak

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P. P. S. After you place your order, you will be redirected to the download page. for Ultra Intelligence and "Inner Mind Programming Success Secrets".

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