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A Hypnotic Selling Device

My neighbors just left feeling happy. It was nice.

I had them come over today to clean my basement. You see, over the years it has been nothing more than a storage place for all the things I don’t really need but have saved.

It took them around 9 hour’s total worth of work to finish it. I mean, this husband and wife did an absolute amazing job cleaning it out.

It was more than pleasing to see this basement in miraculous condition again and all of the wonderful things I can give away to charity to someone who needs it.

How often does something like this happen to you?

Because this really is an annoying experience. You see, I asked them how much I owed them, and do you know what they said? They said “whatever you think it's worth.”

No. That’s not how it works.

So out of spite for their fear of asking for too much or too little, I reached into my wallet and said “Here’s Ten Bucks, thanks.”  

You should’ve seen this woman. She gave me a look like “We’re neighbors! You’re screwing us!”

Oh well. If they aren’t going to give me a price, then I’ll just make up my own. Why not? They did leave it up to me.

Anyway, as soon as they started walking towards my door to go home... their heads hanging low... with a confused expression all over their faces, I said, “You really don’t think I’m serious, do you? Let me get my checkbook.”

So then, I asked them, “If this were your business, and you had bookings all week long to clean homes like this, what would you charge in labor? And hourly rate? By the square footage? Just imagine that you had someone asking you on the phone to give you a quote.

How would you go about doing it?” The husband said “probably an hourly wage.” “How Much?” I asked. He replied “Probably $13.80/hour.” Now I have no idea where that figure came from and I thought that was pretty cheap. So I cut them a check for $125.00. $13.80 x 9 = $125.00 Oh well.

Had he said more in price, he probably would’ve gotten it. However, this is what he thought he was worth so I’m going to go by what makes him satisfied.

So you might be wondering if there’s a point to this? How does this relate to covert hypnosis, unconscious communication, and so on?

Well first, it’s obvious that your worth speaks. Doesn’t it? And if you’re not confident in yourself, then it shows. People will take advantage of it.

Second, if you’re in business with confidence, you should be able to stand firm on your prices. It will command respect. If you have something valuable to offer, then it only makes sense to make people pay for the value of it – and not so much what you think “might” be fair.

Take for example my advanced covert hypnosis course. I spent thousands of dollars and years to learn, create, compile and develop this course. Do you think I’m going to actually just “GIVE” it away for cheap prices? Nope. Not even if it means someone can’t afford to buy it.

Once upon a time, I wanted to learn how to become a direct response marketer, I used to drool over seminars and packages that cost over $5,000. I wanted to go... badly... but couldn’t afford it. I wanted the package and software. It ate away at me inside. I knew that other people bought the seminar or package. I want in! So you know what I did?

I found a way to afford it. I worked extra hard, cut down on expenses so that I too could go to a seminar or buy the course I desperately wanted. I knew deep inside that it was going to help me, and that I was worth it.

Listen, it doesn’t matter what you charge for your products or services. It’s what you think its worth in value. And if someone wants it badly enough, they’ll find a way to afford it, period.

People often buy on impulse anyway... for reasons they probably can’t even explain... whether they really can afford it or not. They just make the purchase and deal with the consequences of it later. Why? I don’t know.

But it’s something to consider, don’t you think?

Another thing to consider with not charging enough money for your products and services is to realize the simple fact that there really ARE people out there who CAN afford your price, and will gladly pay for it!

There are people out there with income levels that exceed more than $100,000/year. Hell, there are wives of doctors, lawyers, chiropractors – who have nothing better to do than spend their husbands money because they are “alone” most of the time. Whatever.

Let’s review real quick:

· You have to have confidence in your products or services. If you don’t, then you won’t sell them successfully, or you’ll rob yourself of money that you probably could’ve made if you don’t charge enough.

· Even if people “can’t afford it” – if they want it badly enough, they will find a way to afford it, Sometimes, they’ll even buy it anyway if they can’t afford it and deal with the consequences later!

· There are people out there that CAN afford what you have to sell. You know, I would rather take 5 orders for $5000 than 50 orders for $50 any day. Just do the math! You’ll see it all the time.

Business A and B are in the same business.

Business A will want to get their products in front of everyone so they will have cheap prices. Business B on the other hand, offers above average quality and service, and charges 100 times more for their products or services.

Business B sales volume is low while Business A’s sales volume is Higher. Business B almost always earns more because of their higher prices even if they have a low sales volume.

Look at it this way: If I spend money on a direct marketing list to mail a sales letter to and the price of the product I’m selling is $500, I’ll spend on average $1,500/thousand letters mailed (thanks to the growing prices in the postal service).

That means I only need to make 4 sales to break just above even (when you include cost of fulfillment). With a well written sales letter, don’t you think it would be pretty darn easy to land 4 sales out of a thousand people?

If you consider the fact that a 2% response is not hard to do in direct mail (and a very reasonable goal), that’s 20 orders at $500 a pop.

Holy Shiznit! That’s $10,000 Smackeroos!

You bet your ass I’ll be mailing truckloads of these letters.

Now consider mailing out the same letter, offering the same product, but only charging $50.00 for the product. A 2% response would rake in a dismal $1,000. I either better have a “backend” product that sells at a higher price to offer to my $50 paying customers after their first order, or I’m out of the ballgame.

See where I’m going with this? You do? Great! Then you know that...

You Might Cut Yourself Short By Not Charging Enough Money!

The second problem with not charging enough money is the simple fact that people might not believe you.

I sell my book “How To Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught” for only $47. Cheap. In fact, it used to sell for $97 and most people still value it to be much higher than that. But you know what? I’m willing to bet that some people who read my sales message, they think “Only $47? This must be a scam. Or something because he should probably charge much more for this specialized information.”

I’d probably do better to sell it for more, and as I write these very words you see, I just might do that. Now you might be wondering “why” I only charge $47 if what I’m saying is true. That’s simple: I have a back-end home study course that sells regularly for $397.00.

In fact, I know that when someone reads my book, they will be dazzled and delighted to learn more because I offer MORE than I promise. They’ll BELIEVE in me. Besides, once they read it, they almost always instantly like me and finally realize that I really AM the world’s greatest covert hypnotist.


Anyway, here's another problem with charging low prices for your products and services.

Here’s what you’ll get a lot more of:

Dear You,

I’m writing you this letter hoping that you will return my money to me. You’ll see that I’ve enclosed the product for a full refund as promised. If I don’t have the $50 I spent on this product back, then I won’t be able to afford to pay my heating bill and they will shut off my electricity. I also would like to buy some more drugs and cigarettes and I can’t do that without sending you this product back blah, blah, blah. Please return my money to me as soon as possible.

Waiting in withdrawal,



Just another one of my thoughts about prices. In short, none of what I’ve told you matters until you test out the advice I’ve given you. Consider raising your prices.

You might be surprised. But you’ll never know until you try it. Now, how do you think all of this communicates on an unconscious level?

You don’t have to say a single word, but you ARE hypnotically communicating, aren’t you? Higher prices means more value. More believability. More respect.

Think about that.


Nathan Blaszak

P.S. As I sit here and write this, my wife just used a technique on me. You see, she helps me with the product fulfillment part of the business and really enjoys it so when you buy the course she’ll put her personal, loving touch on it. I’ll tell you all about the device in my next post. It’s a dandy.

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