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Hypnotic Seduction

By: Nathan Blaszak, CHT

He punched me in the face and broke my Oakley sunglasses!

What? Why?

“That’s for giving away the Tasha!” He said. A dog I had bought with my girlfriend a few months before this happened.

Did I hit him back?

No. I didn’t. Maybe I should’ve but I had sympathy for this poor boy. But once my family found out he was arrested.

I felt bad.

You see, at this time, I was happy for this guy who socked me in the face – even if he did break my $300 glasses.

I regress…

Once upon a time I moved in and “played house” with a woman who was much older than I was. I loved how I was able to at such a young age use my seduction techniques to make her mine.

In reality, I guess I felt more like a man to be able to seduce this woman, and make her feel head over in heels in love with me – it made my head swell.

But things got hard... Actually, she was psycho. She still is. She addicted herself to drugs and from what I understand, is now in trouble with the law and a lesbian.

Now you can see the reason why I felt bad for this guy. And maybe even have a little sympathy for him -- he got her the hell away from me!

I used my secret little hypnotic seduction language patterns and this woman was obsessed with me. I didn’t know how to reverse it. I thought I was going to be stuck with her stalking me for the rest of my life!

Ahhh the memories of first learning covert hypnosis.


I’m so glad those days are over. This was a long time ago. But it sure does bring back some memories.

Whatever. Today is going to be an interesting day for me. You see, “Tasha”, the dog I was telling you about is coming back to live with me.

It’s been over 8 years since I’ve had her in my possession.

Her parents (the psycho ex) just asked me if I would like her back because they are moving into a house and they can’t have her there.

At first, I refused. I didn’t really want her because she brought back some old memories that I don’t care to think about.

This is an anchor. You know, an anchor can be anything – even a dog. It’s a simple “reminder” of feelings or thoughts. Much like a particular song you danced with a woman or a man for the first time. You remember that moment. That is an anchor.

But you can change them and that’s what I did. I simply remembered what it was like to have this little rottweiler runt. She was playful, fun and extremely loyal.

So I amp’d up those feelings about her and decided to take her back.

I imagined in my mind all the good times, and anything negative as a result that came into mind I either let go using EFT, or I simply turned those thoughts black and white and shrunk them down. Then, I made the good images BIGGER and BRIGHTER in my mind.

I feel better about her now. Enough to bring Tasha back into my home to care for her so she doesn’t get dropped off at the pound and put to sleep.

I always did love that dog. It’s hard not to once you get close to an animal. I loved her so much, I knew that this woman I was with was too high on drugs to ever take care of her.

So back then, before I went into the Air Force and got socked in the face I decided to give Tasha away to a family that just lost a dog much like her by a moving vehicle. Same type of dog. Same size. Same everything.

I was so happy to know that she was going to be taken care of.


I was socked in the face by her new loser boyfriend! I said with anger “the hell with it, you want her, come get her!”

I still feel sorry for that guy. He was so lost in infatuation with this woman that he was trying to play “hard ass” with me. Little did he know he only looked more like the punk that he was.

You know the type... the guy who puffs out his chest and plays Billy badass while at the same time get’s mocked behind his back because he’s immature, lower on the intelligence scale, and thinks “size matters.”

She left him soon after that.

I learned a long time ago this isn’t what women want. Mind you, having strong arms, chest and a good looking physique will always play into your favor, but strutting around and acting like you’re the rooster with biggest feathers always backfires.

You’ll see it all the time... when you go out, there is always at least one man you can find that thinks his “bulge” is what will win the women.

My wife laughs at jerks like this (and if you’ve seen my wife – at the top of this page here), you’d know that she’s very attractive.

I don’t have bulging muscles. I don’t strut around like the Incredible Hulk, either. This isn’t what won my wife’s heart. This isn’t what will win the heart of any real woman, either. Jock, immature, deadbeat, hyper, insecure men don’t get laid, period.

Yes, I said “insecure”. You’d think a guy like this IS secure but he’s not because if he was, he wouldn’t have to stick out his chest like he’s mister big shot. He’d just walk tall and stand proud.

That would be good enough.

Whatever. I’m only speaking from experience.

I see all the time men doing dumb things like this, and they wonder why they spend their nights alone in bed watching “Debbie” on the TV hoping he might get a woman like that someday.

There’s a formula though. And most men are so proud and pseudo-secure with themselves they don’t ever take the time to learn it.

Oh well. The men who take the time to learn how over 900 women were seduced in only 6 months time will prevail.

You can learn about these seduction techniques here.

Or you can keep doing the same things and get the same dismal results. That’s insane.

Good luck.


Nathan Blaszak

P. S. Here’s what Brain said about my Secret Hypnotic Seduction Techniques:

“My confidence with Women has improved leaps and bounds . I have unfortunately in the past bought products from the so called seduction masters man what a waste of time and money. You are right they are so redundant that I did not get anything out of their courses.

Your course is great because it lays out simple to follow instructions which yield immediate results.

-Brian Davis Dalton GA

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