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Can You Guess What Hypnotic Device I'm Teaching In This Post?

By: Nathan Blaszak, Cht 

Were you able to guess what this post is going to be about when you read the postscript of the last post?

Did you see the hint?

Can you see it now?

You probably have a guess, don’t you?

If not, you probably would like to know what this device is, right?

Now, do I still have your attention?


Isn’t this getting a little irritating?

At this point, you’re probably saying “just tell me already”, am I close?

Okay, it doesn’t take a genius at this point to tell you that this letter is all about asking questions – in the hypnotic way!

Let’s Dig In...

First, I got your attention, didn’t I?

Woops, there I go again. But notice how when asked a question, you instantly search your brain for an answer.


This is ironic because just now as I write this I wasn’t aware that my wife was talking on the phone... she asked a question as she was walking by... and I picked my head up and said “What did you say sweetheart?” I heard the question, even though it wasn't directed at me, but I wanted to hear it again so I could give an answer.

FACT: The Most Powerful Way To Stop People Dead In Their Tracks Is To Ask A Question! This can be helpful in your sales letters, don’t you think?

There I go again! I just can’t help it!

Questions even sustain attention, don’t they? You’re still reading this. Proof.

Now, I’m not talking about just any questions, I’m talking about structuring your questions to get a “yes” response. I know, I know – typical “win friends and influence” advice, but there’s a reason why I’m repeating it – it works!

Suppose you were selling a method to teach chiropractors how to bring in more business.

What if your headline read: “Would You Like To Make More Money Being A Chiropractor?”

Not too bad. But it could be better.

How about... “If I could Show You A Way To Improve Your Chiropractor Customer Database By Up To 15, 57, or 100% or More Would You Be Interested?”

Now we’re talking! Notice how this question not only gets the greed glands pulsating, but it provides “options” for the chiropractor, and also sets him up to say “yes.” I just killed three birds with one stone.

Actually, four. Refer to “How To Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught” and learn about the “consistent/commit device.” Anyway, maybe the chiropractor can only handle a 15% increase in business. Another one might be starving for 55% or more business. 

He’s got options. Also, who wouldn’t want to make more money? Guess what? He’s interested!

Then, to keep his attention, you could start your letter out with something like:

Dear Dr. Bone Crusher,

How are you doing today? I hope fine. Believe it or not, most chiropractors I talk to aren’t doing so hot. Why? They’re all lacking one important thing:

                Having More Business Than You Can Handle!

Imagine what it would be like to have to turn away business. How much more money do you think you’d earn as a result? What “finer” things would you enjoy? Maybe you’d finally be driving that car you’ve been eye balling, pay off your expensive equipment, home, buy a bigger diamond ring for your wife, and so on.

Or... You Could Expand Your Practice And Put Even More Money Into Your Pocketbook! 

The sky is the limit! Sounds like a winner? Keep reading this entire letter to find out how to Blah, blah, blah.

Can you see how the questions I’ve written get attention, and sustain it? Even if writing sales letters doesn’t interest you, you ARE still reading this, aren’t you? Of course you are!

Learn to LOVE questions.

Far too often I see people make the mistake in persuasion and influence to not use them enough. Guess what? A person’s responses to questions are far more powerful than trying to secretly “command responses.”

For example, instead of running a hypnotic language pattern, you could get them to describe it for you!

Instead of saying “Have you ever thought about what it would be like trust someone completely? I was watching this couple the other day and the one said to the other, “you know what I love about you? You just like and trust me. You always support everything I do and lay asleep at night 100% convinced I’d never hurt you...” Now, I think it’s awesome when you can feel that way about someone you love, don’t you?”

Notice in this hypnotic pattern how you use a question to introduce it, and how it gets Their attention. But instead of using a hypnotic pattern, you could also just ask “Have you ever trusted anyone 100% without a doubt?”

If they say yes, you could then ask “If you were to imagine this person right now, see this trusting person in your mind, what’s the first signal you get on the inside that let’s you know you really do trust this person completely?”

Then, let them explain it to you while you systematically ask as them explain “What happens next? And next?” Until they finally have nothing more to explain. Finally, anchor that feeling to you.

If they say no, you could say “Well, just for the sake of being bored, suppose you DID have someone. Pretend that you know someone you trust 100%. Just picture this person in your mind. You trust them completely.

Tell me, just for fun’s sake, how might you know that you can trust this person 100%? I’m curious.” See how questions can help you get what you want without having to put too much effort into it?

Don’t get me wrong. Language patterns are very useful, but they aren’t as necessary if you were to master the art of asking questions.

Now, Here’s How NOT To Do It: 

What’s your favorite color? White.

What do you drive? BMW.

What time is it? 1:02 A.M.

How fast do you normally drive? Speed Limit.

Do you like to eat? Yes.

As you can see, these questions only invoke a one-word response. And Can Get Quite Annoying!

Suppose a person was talking about their camping trip. Instead of asking them if they had fun, ask them what they had the most fun doing. If done correctly, you could have them talking for hours starting with a simple question like this.

They respond: “Oh I think the parasailing was the best. I’ve never done it before and it was incredibly fun.”

You say: “Incredibly fun?”

They continue: “Yeah! You’re WAY UP THERE in the sky, and you can see for miles and miles. Then, when the ride is over, they just click a switch and pull you in slowly to the boat by wench. So it’s safe.”

You Say: “It seems Dangerous.”

They respond: “Oh no. It’s actually pretty safe, and I think its well worth the risk. It’s so awesome of a feeling to be up there. I can’t explain it.”

You say: “If you were in a position where you HAD to explain how it felt, how would you describe it?” And so on.

Do you see where they finally get to a feeling, and how I directed them to explain it? 

Why would you do this? Because you make people feel good. And them more they feel good around you, the more they like you. And the more they like you, the easier it is to make them feel better. And the more they feel better, the better your odds of getting them to do exactly what you want them to!

Because They Will Reveal To You Their Anchors, Values, Beliefs About Things, And Their Personal Trance Words! Not to mention, the simple fact that your face will become a very positive “feel good” visual anchor to that person! I like that idea.

Can you feel yourself liking it too? You can? Great! Now, I just used another hypnotic writing technique in the above paragraph. I don’t know, it seems like the writing just comes alive when you do this. More engaging. More “in tune” with the reader. It’s interactive.

What is this technique? Ask A Question, And Then Answer It! This way, even if they couldn’t, they still feel like they could! Sneaky, sneaky. Study that paragraph.

Remember, your written words are the literal thoughts of the reader. You have total control!

Pressing on... Questions can also be used to induce a “hypnotic waking trance”. If someone was talking to you and in the middle of a sentence you ask an off the wall question, their mind will go blank. Once it’s blank, you can put anything you want in there.

Example: Do you really believe what you thought you knew? Because by reading this you know damn well for sure that you need to buy my home study course today. Huh? Confusing, isn’t it?

Relax. I know that you’re not going to buy my home study course because I told you to -- because you need to make that choice yourself. We both know that.

Do you Agree? You do? Great!

I think you’re starting to get the picture here. Hold onto that picture, and TAKE ACTION. Observe everything you’ve learned in this letter and... Get Out There And Do Something With It!


P. S. You like my posts, don’t you? Your support is much appreciated. Thank you.

P. P. S. You might want to "print" this post. Yes, it's that good. Hypnotic. if you can read between the lines.

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