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An Intro to the Mysterious Art of Hypnotic Fractionation

Warning! This Technique is So Powerful It Should Be Forbidden

By: Nathan Blaszak, CHT

I remember many years back when I was playing on an old computer my uncle gave me. This was long before “Windows” ever came into the scene. Shoot, the darn screen was called “black and white”, but it was more accurately “green and white.”

Why didn’t they ever call it that?

Anyway, at this time in my life, I didn’t know a thing about computers. Hell, I was young – real young. I barely knew how to turn it on. But when I did, I remember my eyes lighting up and felt the excitement increasing as I began to explore the possibilities of this (what seemed like back then “complicated”) machine.

You know what?

It took me less than 3 days and when that sucker fired up it would type on the screen automatically “Hello Nathan, how are you today?”

I remember programming it to do this. I was so excited (and proud) of what I had done that I waited impatiently to scream when she walked into the door from work “Mom! Come look at what I made this computer do!”

I’ll never forget that day and how I felt, and I’ll never forget how this one accomplishment paved the way for me to have absolute mastery over computers – even still today.

You see, once I felt proud about achieving something, I felt even more proud as I continued to achieve more. Each and every thing I did that made me feel good, guess what?

I Felt Even Better!

Isn’t that a peach?

It got to the point after toying with this little machine for about 6 months that I felt like I knew more about it than the people that designed it – and whether it was true or not, I still believed it!

The feeling of this confident assurance that I could master computers no matter what grew so strongly that I think it imprinted into my DNA.

When I went to bed I would dream about learning more about this computer. When I went to school I caught myself all day long “daydreaming” about it. When my friends would talk to me I would always bring it up.

The computer then started to talk to me. It’s true. I knew what it wanted, when, and how.

Anyway, today I am the same way believe it or not when it comes to computers. Gee, just when you thought I was the world’s greatest covert hypnotist – now I’m a “crazy” computer whiz too?

Yes, I am.

Well, not really. I don’t move NASA satellites around space or hack into the Federal Reserve Bank with it, but I CAN take one look at ANY software program and master it in less than a week. Simple.

No really, at the time of this writing, about two months before I wrote these very words I thought to myself, “Hey! I should make some covert hypnosis videos! My customers will LOVE this idea!”

Do you think I had a clue how to do this? Not at all, but the ability to understand a computer is entrenched deeply into my DNA, remember?

That means I can make videos now – by toying with a (what most people would think complicated) software program that makes my videos look like MTV shows. Or like news programs. Hell, I could probably make the videos I make look like a Hollywood movie using this software.

Yes, (in case you were wondering) it’s true, it took me only a week or less to master this software.

Now, you probably think I’m bragging. I am, but there is also good reason to tell you this story.

What’s the reason?

Well, like that first day where I made the computer say hello to me, and how I felt better and more confident as the days press on discovering new things until it imprinted being confident in computers into my DNA...

This is How Fractionation Works, Too!

Fractionation is simply a way to make people feel an emotion, then taking it away. Then having them feel it again. Then taking it away.

Much like when I was learning computers. When I made it “say hi” to me, I felt good. When I was away from it, I dreamt about it. When I did something cool on it again, I felt better than before. More confident until...

Computers Started To Talk To Me!

Okay, Let’s Get Serious: This is how feelings are for people. The more they feel something, the better they feel and you do this...

Until You Imprint Those Emotions Into Their DNA!

Listen: When you get a person to feel an emotion, great! It’s awesome when you can make people feel desire for you or for buying and so on. And the more they feel it, the better they feel.

But this is where most people go wrong: you can’t keep piling up this emotion all at once. Otherwise you’ll blow all their internal fuses.

There’s a secret most so called “covert hypnotists” aren’t aware of that I’m going to share with you right now:

You Have To Make Them Compare That Feeling To SOMETHING LESS and Then Anticipate Feeling It Again!

How is this done?

It’s actually quite simple: When you use a hypnotic pattern or any device to make a person feel good, let them feel it for a second and then talk about something neutral.

If you do this correctly:

They’ll Look At You Like You Just Stopped Halfway Through The Best Story They’ve Ever Heard In Their Life!

They will, without a doubt (if you make the emotions feel strong enough) practically BEG with their body language for you to keep talking about it. They’ll dream about it. They’ll feel so compelled to bring it up again so don’t be surprised if they take you right back to the subject during conversation.

And what happens when you do it again? You guessed it! They will feel even better. And the more you do this, and the better they feel, they too, will imprint this emotion... your face WITH this emotion... heck, your presence along with it while I’m at it, into their DNA!

Confused? I’m not done.

You’ve probably already had something like this happen to you but read the following dialogue:

YOU: “Oh my gosh did you see movie x?”

THEM: “yes! You saw it too?”

YOU: “yeah, remember that part when dummy jumped off the building and landed on the oranges and said “oh shoot!”

THEM: “ha ha ha! That was Soooo hilarious! What about the other guy? Remember when he did this stupid thing?”

YOU: “ha ha ah! Yeah. (Initiation fractionation) So what did you do today?”

THEM: “Just worked.”

YOU: “Yeah? Was it fun?”

THEM: “Gawd I hated it! Bimbo hit on the boss again today. Hey, remember that part in the movie when...”

YOU: “Ha ha ha! And when she said... (You both share a laugh) Oh well, so what are you plans tonight?”

THEM: “I don’t know, I think I’ll just chill at home. OMG, what about the part when so and so did whatever?”

YOU: “I know! And then this happened!”

THEM: “I know! And then...”

At this point the both of you are laughing so hard with one another, you can’t help it!

People have a one track mind and believe me -- when you get them focused on something positive they will keep going back to it because believe it or not...

People Really Do Like To Feel Good!

Just try it! I encourage you to do a little experiment. Talk about something that makes both of you feel good. And the first time, talk about it while you remember to change the subject about neutral things like “what did you do today?” and notice how much deeper this emotion builds inside them. Then, the next time around don’t use fractionation, and notice how it can be fun for a moment but then how the feelings wear out quickly.


There’s no other way for you to really get this unless you just try it.

You see, it’s the ANTICIPATION and the pain of the moment of this pleasure being taken away that develops a strong pull back to the subject that makes them feel even better.

If I'm in the middle of a conversation with a woman and we’re talking about the man of her dreams, I’m going to get her all worked up inside to the point where she’s about to burst in ecstasy and then take it away.

She’ll be like “Uhmp! Hey! I want to keep talking about it!” And while I’m talking about meaningless things for a moment, she’s going to sit there and anticipate – and probably look for any opening to steer the conversation back to this subject!

This is mind control.

You see, it seems like I’m just having a random conversation but I’m doing it for a reason. I’m doing it because I want her to WANT to keep talking about it – on her own terms, as if it was HER idea!

Get it?

The idea was mine to make her want to keep talking about it. But with a little fractionation, it makes it seem like SHE is the one who wants to talk about it but more importantly...

She Thinks She’s In Control!

You know better than that! I’m the one in control because this way, I don’t have to pressure her or even try to persuade her to WANT to keep talking about it. See?

Plus, the more she feels it, and the more I fractionate with her, the better it feels and the easier it is for her to imprint these feelings into her DNA to FEEL THAT WAY ABOUT ME!

Remember, you are a walking anchor. Your voice is an anchor, your face is an anchor... your entire presence is an anchor!

And whatever feelings (the stronger the better) you get people to feel around you, is what they will tag you with!

Let Me Share With You Another Way Of Looking At It: If someone is talking to me, and they bring up something that excites them or anything positive, I will get them to talk about it a little bit. And just when they are about to go into a tandy about it and bore me to death, I’m going to interrupt them by asking them a completely off the wall question like “so what’s it like when you visit your mom, how does that make you feel?”

At first blush, it seems like I don’t care or that I’m not listening to a word they’re saying. Heck, I gave them a little bit of attention but now I don’t care. I want to talk about something else.

You know what this does?

You may not be aware of it, but...

You Make Them Realize That You Are The Authority Because You Are In Control Of The Conversation!

Awkwardly, as a paradox, once you get them to talk about it again, they will feel in control. There’s no better way I can come up with to explain this concept to you.

This is just another perk of using fractionation in the conversation but then after they answer me with a confused look on their face, you just simply direct them back to what excites them.

Then, they’re off again! Feeling even better, feeling even more important, in control.

Fractionation can also be used in the initial stages of meeting people by showing them attention, and then taking it away.

Imagine meeting a potential lover and then giving them your 100% undivided attention. Then, all of the sudden, you decide to talk on your cell phone or walk away and go and visit with someone else.

Again they think “Ughph! I want the attention!”

Then, you come back, they’re feeling important, and you do it again by going to talk to one of your friends.

And what happens? The next time you show them attention they try like hell to keep it by giving you compliments, or coming onto you stronger, or even, at times – making daring moves to make absolutely SURE that you will go home with them tonight.

You know what I like about this concept? Simple: It totally DEFIES all lame advice so called “I want to Be Nathan Blaszak’s” give you. They tell you to be sure to put all your attention on the person you’re talking with and don’t notice anyone else.

Ever hear of the idea to “play hard to get?”

Well, I’m showing you WHY it works!

I taught a 15 year old entering high school how to do this one strategy alone. I said “When you have a girl’s attention, let her think that she has it and just when you notice her thinking that you’re going to bow down to her, turn your attention to another girl.”

Guess what happened?

When I would go watch him at his school basketball games he would talk to a group of seniors (remember he was a freshman) and then he would leave to go talk to another group.

As he did this, the girls he had previously talked to were bending their necks watching him probably thinking to themselves “who is he talking to? I’m so much better than she is. I wonder if he’s coming back. He better. If not, I’m going to have to do something about it!”

How do I know they were thinking this? Because I know how to read people’s minds. Okay? Ok...

You know what he told me only one month later after teaching him this? He said “Nathan, the secret you shared with me? It works just like you said it would and my friends are all jealous of me. I won’t ever tell anyone this because I’m loving it.”

I’ve met salesmen who will use this same idea by acting as if there is an important customer coming along so “you better tell me what you want fast.”

They even go to the extreme by having their managers call them on the phone and make it seem like they have more important things to do (as if this customer is a waste of time).

Then, they will apologize, and put their attention on them. Then, they will say “hold on a minute” while making a quick phone call, and they will keep doing this in hopes that the customer will do everything in their power to KEEP his attention until they try to SELL TO THE SALESMEN THE IDEA THAT THEY ARE HERE TO BUY SOMETHING!

Interesting, no? I’ve seen a lot of success from salesmen who do this correctly. They thank me all the time for showing it to them. You just have to be sure not to overdo it.

Whatever. Fractionation is just another tool for you to consider using. I invite you to try it out.


P. S. If anything -- play hard to get. Make things hard to get. For some reason people just want what they feel like they can’t have, and will do anything to make it theirs – even it if it’s you!

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