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I Have Written Down The


“Proven Hypnosis Scripts GUARANTEED To Work For You On The Street, Stage, And Clinically”


These Are The Exact Same Scripts I Have Used To Hypnotize Anyone Fast (For Over The Last 13 Years) For The New Aspiring Hypnotists, So They Won’t Have to Learn For Themselves How it’s Done, As I did, By Trial and Error – My Legacy!


By, Nathan Blaszak CH.


You Can Hypnotize Anyone

In 7-Minutes or Less!


Quit Stepping Over Hurdles And Become A Master Hypnotist!


“I’m Not Kidding! – I Mean It!”

“No hype. – No b.s.”


Dear Budding Hypnotist,


Why settle for getting 5, 10, or even 15 or more resources… or seminar workshops… when you can grab enough skills you need to hypnotize people comfortably in less than seven minutes (or even as little as two).


Then, you can relax and spend some time getting paid as a hypnotist … making money you don’t necessarily need because you’re booked so far in advance – but – it will always come in handy when you want to buy something special for you and your loved ones.


You can be hypnotizing people in seven minutes or less… right from your own home town… on the street… in your home office… over the phone… while you keep your current job or business (if you want to) … without any kind of previous knowledge or experience of hypnosis.


Do it just as I have for over 13 years – and – I became a master hypnotist long before we even had the luxury of online resources …long before hypnosis became popular online. – Technology just makes it faster and easier for you to learn.


Do You Want to Become An Expert Hypnotist?


There are more opportunities to HYPNOTIZE ANYONE; easily and fast, in your home town and worldwide than ever before – and – hypnotizing anyone takes less time and far less aggravation, too. (Have you mastered NLP, Anchoring, Rapport, Tonality, Presuppositions, etc., yet? – I’m still working on it myself.)


You Really Don’t Have to Learn All Of That Complicated Terminology To Hypnotize Anyone In Seven Minutes or Less.


All you need is scripts written for you …memorize & rehearsal, the confidence that these scripts give to you … and VOLUNTEERS already waiting to become hypnotized!


Which would get you hypnotizing faster …


101 Confusing “Technical Terms” – or – 7 Easy and Proven “Steps?”


Over the past 13 years, I have successfully hypnotized over 69,300 people (and that’s a low guess) by blindly following these proven 7 easy to follow steps.


I was hypnotizing people before most of today’s hypnotists getting started even knew that the subject of hypnosis existed!


The old days you had to do a lot of work to be hired as a hypnotist but because of today’s mainstream publicity, more and more people are waiting to be hypnotized. – the only problem is most hypnotists, well, to put it simply … SUCK.


Right now, there are a number of hypnotists talking about the promise that you’ll have the “power”. That’s where people will do anything you want them to … that they’ll just blindly do what you say. Then you tell them to go out and network for you (and form for you a cult-like establishment). – When you have people going out doing your networking for you then people will flock to you with cash in hand just begging for you to help them. – HOWEVER…


Just like most of my clients would agree, you can only “help” them if they are willing to help themselves. I educate them all about how it is not about me but them – I still encourage referrals, but…


My BIG MONEY Hypnotizing Has Always Come From Helping My Clients Get What They Want Without Attempting To Turn Myself Into The “Almighty” Guru.


I don’t have to form an absurd “cult” to be successful. I just tell them I can help them help themselves and they believe me.


Right now, there are probably 50 -- 100 known people just like them in your home town. And, I know that can easily lead you into another 200; or more, without any real effort. – You don’t have to “sell” them anything. Just tell them you can help them get what they want and they will gladly pay you $50, $275, $500 and up – and – they usually won’t see you just once.


I had been doing this for over 3 1/2 years when a friend of mine … doing much of the same thing … suggested we pool our experience and work together to increase our profits. – We did and our individual incomes skyrocketed. Some of the fees we earned would boggle your mind – but – we never told any outsiders what we were really doing.


NOTE: Before I started writing this, I asked my ol’friend if I could use his name. He politely declined and asked me not to. So, throughout this report, he will only be identified as “my friend”. – He also agreed to allow me to tell YOU “what” he and I had done and “how” we had done it … something we had never revealed before (except to our family).


Later, other men and women wanted to learn to hypnotize as we had done and asked if they could join with us. – Our individual expertise increased exponentially.


With all of the little-known “hypnosis techniques” my friend and I had, the other insider members were forever amazed – but…


We Never Told Anyone What We Were Doing or How We Were Doing It.


We took and oath to never tell anyone, but my friend is now retired from hypnosis and I believe that in today’s day in age, everyone needs to now … more than ever… learn what we know – so – with my friend’s permission, I am now revealing our long-held secrets to hypnosis to the next generation of aggressive hypnotists.


When I began investigating what other hypnotists promised you and their ideas of potential possibilities for the consumer, I found a variety of “opportunities” that offered to teach you “hypnotic methods and NLP” that would get you results fast.  They even offered to…


Connect You With Clients and Share The Profits With You.


After reading of those plans, I was totally disappointed. They all told you “what” to do but they never really got around to telling you “HOW” to do it. Beyond that, clients are easy to come by … just tell people you’re a hypnotist … it’s that easy. – Besides, postings on some discussion boards indicated that the promoters never hypnotized a single soul and never connected any clients with any hypnotists to split the profits.


In other words, they told you about the history of hypnosis and how it can work for you and provided some form of “submission” sheet so you could send them what you knew about hypnosis already. – One of them even demanded that you send a “sample” of your work or your submission wouldn’t even be considered (after paying nearly $1,500 for their service).


As Colonel Potter on M-A-S-H used to say … “Horse Puckey.”


You Can Do It Yourself … Cheaper & Far More Profitably


Why do you need anyone to find you clients? – My friend and I, rarely, if ever had a problem making money and connecting to clients. In fact, it can be as easy as walking into your local pub to get all the publicity and requests for your services that you need.


Why do you need to learn the history of hypnosis? You don’t need to learn where it came from, how it evolved … it’s so easy a 12 year old can do it – I’ve seen them do it. All you need are scripts to memorize and you’re off to the races.


Why should you sift through content? There are hoards of hypnosis products online ranging from stage hypnosis, to clinical, and on the street – even to gain certification.  You don’t need to become certified to practice hypnosis in the USA (with a few rare exceptions so check your local laws). You definitely don’t need “filler” content teaching you hundreds of paragraphs of information you’ll never get around to using – either – as most hypnosis products online contain.


Anyone can begin to use hypnosis on people quickly and easily by following simple step-by-step scripts that are a real snap to master and memorize.


If you are a hypnotist, or want to be a hypnotist, my “You Can Hypnotize Anyone In 7 Minutes Or Less!” course WILL change your life forever.


You Can Hypnotize Anyone

In 7-Minutes or Less!


My success with hypnosis is so far booked in advance that I don’t need to hang onto my secrets anymore. Since nobody else really does what I do to hypnotize people “my style” and nobody else is really ever going to show you these secrets – SO …


As my next hoorah, I have decided to release my proven hypnosis scripts guaranteed to hypnotize anyone in 7 minutes or less that my friend and I have used to make tons of money right in our own home towns (or offices) … in less than 5 hours per week … while keeping our jobs or businesses … without any kind of email list or website (didn’t even have them back then) – but …


As my old friend suggested …


With Internet Connections, Email, and The Rapid Communication The Internet Brings, You Can Make Ten Times The Money In Half The Time.


With those communication advantages we never used to “get booked” as a hypnotist locally, your fortune is assured.


In “You Can Hypnotize Anyone In 7 Minutes Or Less!” I take you by the hand and teach you exactly “What” we did … with point-by-point, step-by-step instructions … with Pre-Talks, Induction Tests, All The Way To Embedding Commands Your Clients Will Follow … showing you exactly “HOW” to do it – and – I even teach you how to do it in less than 2 minutes if you want it.


“You Can Hypnotize Anyone In 7 Minutes Or Less!” consists of three main modules…


Module # 1: Clinical Hypnosis


Clinical hypnosis offers you the opportunity to establish a profitable business in your area in just a matter of a few days.


In this module, I'll show you step-by-step what to do all the way from setting up your office, what to wear, and how generate paying customers without "cold calling" that almost all clinics fail to follow (and wonder why they are failing).


All the thinking and the work is practically done for you. If you can follow step-by-step instructions blindly, you can become a smash success and earn anywhere from $50-$550 and on up per session.


I'll also reveal to you secrets to leveraging other practitioners where you can earn staggering figures that would boggle your mind. You can then find out how to become a "hypnotist" on monthly retainer -- if you choose -- for celebrities, ploticians, religous leaders, and professionals and get paid anywhere from $8,000-$15,000 and on up per month!


This is a step-by-step, word-for-word plan of action you can take to begin making money by as soon as the end of the month -- if not sooner.


You'll look back after this module happy to have the plan of action laid out in layman's terms. What are you waiting for? Get started learning it now.


Here are the other benefits you can receive after going through this module:


  • Step-By-Step word-for-word “pre-talk” secrets that will have your clients feeling comfortable and at ease before you hypnotize them.  
  • How to establish trust and bonding with your client so they easily enter into hypnosis.  
  • The secret “pre-talk” that 99% of hypnotists don’t know that can change your clients’ behavior before they even enter hypnosis (this secret is so powerful that sometimes your client will change without officially going into trance).  
  • Word-For-Word scripts that allow you to overcome even the toughest skeptics so they finally “give in” and become hypnotized – in seconds!  
  • Discover my favorite (and very professional) rapid induction for the clinical setting.  
  • Why clinical hypnosis is the toughest way to hypnotize anyone and what you say and do so that they trust you (the last thing you want is a client who resists you)  
  • Build your confidence and hypnotize even the toughest of skeptics after you learn this script. (You can use this to hypnotize your spouse, friends, family and loved ones who don’t believe in hypnosis.)  
  • The word-for-word script to hypnotize your client deep and fast.  
  • Exactly what to say to your clients – word for word from beginning to end (and it’s easy to remember).   
  • How to “know” what they need or want to hear to be hypnotized.  
  • How to proudly tell people you’re a hypnotist and the word-for-word script to sell them on the idea of booking you for a show or private session.  
  • The important differences you need to know about street, stage, and clinical hypnosis that will make or break you (and how most hypnotists screw this up BIG TIME).  
  • The secrets to fractionation and why it can help get your client to virtually go into the “sleepwalk” mentality fast.  
  • How to formulate your commands quickly and easily that gets results that nearly 75% of the world’s hypnotists fail or even know how to do.  
  • Advanced methods of interviewing your subject to embed useful commands that will almost always work much more powerfully than any other hypnosis command structure in the world (and it happens before you enter into hypnosis).  

Plus, tons more tips, tricks, and techniques to clinically hypnotize your clients safely and effectively.


Module # 2: Stage Hypnosis


Stage hypnosis is an excellent way to travel and get paid anywhere from $1,500-$7,500 or more per show! Unfortunately, most people don't know how to get started or where to even begin to get paid.


The biggest reason why most hypnotists fail to get booked for shows is confidence. That is, most of them don't have good skit acts, don't understand how easy hypnosis is, and fail to recognize that hypnosis is actually much easier to do on stage than in the clinical setting.


With the knowledge inside this course, I practically do all of the work for you.


  • You'll discover exactly how to pick the right subjects.
  • How to rapidly get on with the show so your audience doesn't get bored.
  • How to avoid being humiliated.
  • How to have the confidence.
  • Learn powerful skits that always gets big laughs -- oo's and ah's and more.

Just imagine... there you are on stage. After you make your grand enterance you get a standing ovation. People are delighted to become stars of your show. You get on with your show quickly, and begin to get laughs almost straight away.


Enviously, you're in the position most hypnotists dream about -- you now have more than enough volunteers eager to be on stage. Quickly, you select the right subjects and you perform hilarious skits, the audience is full of laugther and they give you a standing ovation when the show is over.


Back stage, the promoters invite you to come back again. The next time you visit to do it again, there are more people there than before and you're now making more money than ever. You even have "groupies" following you from stage to stage (yes, this really does happen!)


You can travel from place to place to do new shows in exotic locations. Sometimes -- getting paid travel and expenses going first class round trip. Sometimes -- doing more than one show per day and making more money in that day than most people can in a month!


If you want, you can even become HUGE in Las Vegas, or buy your own theatre in a big city to do daily or weekly shows where you're always booked in advance!


The sky is virtually the limit!


Keep your eyes and ears glued to this module! It contains some of the most incredible tools, tips, and instructions from start to finish how to put on a major show your audience will just love ... not to mention, you will learn an absolute TON more about hypnosis than you may have never realized about it before -- even if you don't plan to do stage hypnosis.


After you go through this course, you can expect to get these benefits and more:


  • Discover why stage hypnosis is surprisingly simple to do that even a kid can do it with confidence.  
  • Exactly what is going through your spectators’ minds and how to leverage that knowledge into a stage show act they’ll never forget.  
  • The Secrets to stage hypnosis that can pay you anywhere from $1,500-$7,000 or more per show.  
  • Skit ideas you can use while performing a hypnosis show. (The crowd will be rolling in laughter at what you can get your performers on stage to do).  
  • Exactly which skits to start out with and why (unless you want to humiliate yourself)  
  • How to get your clients to go rapidly into somnambulism.  
  • Avoid boring your audience – as most hypnotists do – by following these easy to remember tips that could make you one of the most entertaining hypnotists in your area.  
  • How to get booked in advance – word for word – say this, do that, and get paid.  
  • How to deal with naysayers and hecklers during your show with humor that’ll immediately disarm their influence to humiliate you.  
  • Exactly what to say, word-for-word, to a client who seems to resist you on stage. (You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this sooner.)   
  • How to sort out the best possible subjects quickly and easily without wasting time AND be entertaining in the process.  
  • Why you *don’t* have to do much of a pre-talk during your stage show acts and why it could backfire if you do.  
  • How to get your subjects to hallucinate objects, people, and things as if it really were there right in front of them.  
  • Amazing skits that will keep your audience on their toes and laughing hysterically – the hallmark of a good show! Plus, more!  

Even if you’re not interested in doing stage show acts, private parties, or public hypnosis show events that can put an extra $100-$7,500 and up into your pocket, you will get an absolute TON of hypnosis ideas and priceless virtual experience after you complete this module.


Module # 3: Street Hypnosis


The popular belief about street hypnosis is that it is fake or that it doesn't work -- even after all of the popular videos showing it done!


Street hypnosis is real, and it works -- and get this -- it's actually the quickest and easiest way to hypnotize anyone!


The reason why most hypnotists cannot do street hypnosis is simple: just like a stage hypnotist, they lack the confidence and conviction required to pull it off!


Not after you get through this module. No way! You'll find out exactly how to put people into a trance in less than 2 minutes -- from what to say the moment you introduce yourself all the way to when you firmly and loudly say "SLEEP!"


You'll find out exactly what to say and how to say it. I'll hand you my word-for-word script that I use to hypnotize people on the street, in shopping malls, on park benches, at the beach, on the sidewalk and more, and I'll even show you a second alternative way to do it with the same effect.


This is the exact same strategy I use personally (and continue to use) to generate leads for my practice, get hired to do stage show acts, private parties, etc.


I've even been booked on the spot in a local pub when the owner of the bar saw me doing it in the corner at a table, and handed me a big fat check when the night was over!


Do it now -- as I do -- by walking up to a stranger, saying a few words -- and yelling SLEEP as they plop over and instantly enter into hypnosis for you to have fun with.


You do NOT want to miss this opportunity to learn street hypnosis! You'll look back glad you learned it!


Here is a summary of benefits you'll gain after you go through this course:


  • How to hypnotize people on the street, if you want, in 7 minutes or less – typically – in less than 2 minutes … (Everyone in amazement will watch how you can speed hypnotize people!)
  • Why you’re almost guaranteed to hypnotize those that tell you they can’t be hypnotized or seem “afraid” of your powers (HINT: They are already subconsciously telling you they believe you have the power!) Here’s what you need to say next!  
  • My Favorite Word-For-Word Rapid Handshake Induction that can put people into hypnosis in 2 minutes or less!  
  • Discover exactly what your subject will think of you after you announce yourself as a hypnotist and what to say to put them into trance fast!  
  • How to rapidly deepen trance as soon as you put them to sleep.  
  • Wow your spectators on the street as you quickly drop your subjects like flies – so to speak.  
  • Why street hypnosis is actually the easiest way to hypnotize anyone (and how it can land you a lot of side jobs).  
  • How to quickly, safely, and easily bring even your deepest subjects back out from a hypnotic trance (sometimes they aren’t going to want to come out of hypnosis you make them feel so good). Here’s what say and how to do it!  
  • How to sharpen your skills as a hypnotist, plus more!  

Street hypnosis really is the best way to gather your confidence because it is the easiest way to hypnotize anyone. Combined with the secrets to clinical and stage hypnosis, you’re guaranteed to have the confidence of some of the best hypnotists in the world.


But … but … but …


That’s Just The Tip of The Ice Berg.


In ““You Can Hypnotize Anyone In 7 Minutes Or Less!” I reveal some closely guarded secrets that, until now, I have only shared with my kids and family.


You will learn how my friend and I almost always had people in a hypnotic trance before we even started to hypnotize them – and – we NEVER told anyone what we were doing or how we were doing it (until now).


You will even learn a simple method we used to generate rapid deepening into hypnosis that gives you total control over the client in minutes. – I’ll even give you some new scripts we didn’t even have back then that work equally well. – We used to call it our “Superman Hypnosis.” – Hypnosis we could use to display our “god-like” power to onlookers and get them to beg for our services, or until our next subject came along. (That method alone is so rare very few hypnotists can even pull it off … because they don’t know it.)


“You Can Hypnotize Anyone In 7 Minutes Or Less!” is “real” … not some pie-in-the-sky horse puckey.  – I’ve been doing it for over 13 years – and – I don’t just tell you “what” to do, I tell you “HOW” to do it; point-by-point, step-by-step, with actual words you need to make it work for you. – And …


When you order your personal copy of “You Can Hypnotize Anyone In 7 Minutes Or Less!” complete with all the bells and whistles is only $776 $97… a small price to pay for over 10 years of experience. – 13 years you wouldn’t have to spend learning what I know.


This is my next hoorah (I’m always making new up to date information about hypnosis). – Order your personal copy today. Believe me, “You Can Hypnotize Anyone in 7 Minutes Or Less!” … when you know “how."

(Bonus Special Going On For The Very First 20 People Who Order Today!)


Here are some coments from people who have already peered inside the course...


“I can honestly say that this is, hands down, his best work yet.”


“After watching Nathan speak at a super seminar, I personally watched him hypnotize a guy at a bus stop and the guy was asleep in about a minute and a half. When Nathan walked away, the guy was jumping up and down saying “I am now a millionaire!” Of course, one might think that it’s not real, but if you were there you would know – as I do – how real it was. And after reviewing Nathan’s new work “You Can Hypnotize Anyone In 7 Minutes Or Less” I can honestly say that this is, hands down, his best work yet. Get it, you won’t regret it.”


-- Greg Baskin , CA

  “I tried it on a woman at the beach and she plopped right into the sand.”


“For years I thought hypnosis was magical, mystical, or just plain didn’t work. I thought it was a joke actually until I used Nathan’s simple street hypnosis script word for word. It took me about a day or two to memorize it but after I knew that I could recite it on command I tried it on a woman at the beach and she plopped right into the sand. This stuff works and this is the first thing I have ever learned about actually doing hypnosis. Heck, I never even took the time to learn the part about how it works. I just wanted to try it and prove that it does work. It does.”


-- Rodney Parker, Lake City , MI

  “It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.”


“Nathan and I were walking downtown during the festivities over the 4th of July and he approached a woman who was sitting alone. He announced to her that he was a hypnotist and she said that she couldn’t be hypnotized. The next thing I know, Nathan says a few words, yells SLEEP and she was out cold. He then bought her an ice cream cone and she couldn’t eat it because she forgot where her mouth was. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.”


-- Trey V. Cadillac , MI



Don’t just try to learn about hypnosis, turn it into an opportunity to become a master hypnotist to build confidence and extra income.


“Get My Personal Help Becoming A Hypnotist in High Demand”


Let someone else teach you the boring hypnosis “history” … if that’s what you want.


You can make money as a hypnotist even when financial times are down, like they are now because now more than ever people need your help and they will pay almost anything to be entertained (so they can take their mind off their troubles).


Hypnotists from all over the world can build a fortune during times of depression, and have.


Those fortunes were made by either people who knew, or learned, Stage Hypnosis Skits Guaranteed To Get A Lot of Laughs!


I’ve included these skits in your package FREE!


“Nathan’s secrets to street hypnosis are so powerful that I watched him walk around town and he had a half dozen or so people following him performing his every command. It was really something else. I’ve never seen a stage show act go on the street before, and it was hilarious.”


-- Michael Cooper , SC.




Since this course is brand spanking new and is set to be the most definitive course on Clinical, Stage, and Street Hypnosis that I’ve ever created it is constantly being updated and is not yet finished.


That is why I am seeking testimonials and feedback to it. So this is your opportunity to lock in your special price of just $97 right now.


Click Here To Lock In Your Special Price


Look at it this way:


Only 1 client in your office or one stage show booking or act will pay for your one-time investment in this lifetime membership special offer deal. Get it now while you still can.


As time progresses and more audios, written materials, videos and bonuses are added to this program, you will receive these updates via email as they are posted to the membership area.


The price of this program will also increase.


Now is the best time to lock in your position today.


Here’s How to Get Started Right Away!



JUST ADDED! Super Bonus Audio -- Wise Hypnosis Tips that'll bump you up to the expert level! This audio is designed to shave years off of your learning curve. Having trouble putting your clients "out"? Want to know how to build your confidence? In this audio I'll answer the most logical and troublesome questions most -- even professional -- hypnotists have that puts you on the fast-track to success!


Super Bonus # 2: Quick Start Audio! Don't think you have what it takes to learn, and apply hypnosis? Well, nobody can stop you from believing that. Only you can decide otherwise! In this audio, you'll be asking why it might be a good idea to master what you'll be learning in the course to the point where you practically feel as if the work is already done for you! Going through this course will be a breeze after you listen to this audio. It is a MUST listen!



Nathan Blaszak CH.

PS: Some people ask me "Why would you sell this information if doing it makes you so much money?" Well, just think, I've had experience in this field for over a decade. What if Ben Franklin didn't document his ideas and instructions? What if Tony Robbins didn't write out his ideas and instructions? So it got me thinking "What if I don't too?" I've seen some of the most aweful hypnosis products on the planet. I own just about all of them. I created this course so that anyone can learn what I have without trial and error -- like I had to do. Your course is literally "Just do this, do that." If that's too much for you, then well, I guess nobody can stop you from thinking that, eh? Why might you give it a try instead of making excuses? ... think about it ...

This is the BEST training you'll ever get! Lock in your position now.  

What People Are Saying:


"Hey Nathan... I couldn't wait to read / listen to your report, because I know that what you say is solid !! I believe you when you say ' we're already there' its just the 'knowing that' which seems to be absent. For this priceless secret I would pay 'large' .. as you can't really put a price on this kind of freedom. I think you just rock for making this complementary. Thanks so much."



"Nathan you have certainly gotten my attention.I have been very pleased with your obvious experience and professional commitmentto providing the most up to date and cutting edge information...thank you."

- Richard


"Hi. As a member I am lucky enough to have a portion of this juicy info and it has really opened my eyes to pursuasion and the best way it can be done-in all situations im in. The reason Nathan get's hounded for what he knows is because...when practised and applyed..it GETS results! the results that anyone could possibly ever want! thanx" 

- Dan Glatter, London


Nathan, I just love you. You're so fun to listen to and you crack me up. I think you should lay it all on the line, and give it to us. I would love to learn how to get money using your strategies, and we all know (at least I do) that you know information that will benefit everyone, so please, do tell!

- Helen Price


Seems very interesting, even tantalizing... And I suppose I should dissect your own proposal in which you clearly use your formula, te get the receipe. But why do again and for myself, what you have already done for others. 

- Martin Eden from Paris France 


Nathan Blaszak
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Director of Apply Hypnosis center.
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