How We Have Sold Millions of Products Using This Hypnotic Persuasion Formula

Discover how to use persuasion secrets to close more deals, improve your copywriting, selling over the phone, and face-to face regardless of your selling price.

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How We Can Help

Many people who come to us have had a hard time closing the deal and making more money for their business. We can help you improve your business by teaching how to use persuasion secrets and apply a hypnotic effect to your selling so you can strive for the success you desire.


Trigger and Accelerate Buying Sequence

How to initiate and accelerate anyone’s buying sequence. Sell your product in minutes. Use our proven tactics to alter the mindset of your prospects, and make them unable to resist what you’re offering


Step-By-Step Framework

Use our process to capturing your prospects thoughts and feelings so you can deliver your unconscious command you want accepted. With this formula you’ll be learning — you realize communication it doesn’t get any easier than this.


Create Brain-Buster Blank Spots

Learn how to make your prospects stop and listen to what you have to say, while you guide them to a buying decision.


Use NLP Strategically

How to maximize the persuasiveness of your language and all your influencing communications.


Secrets of Embedded Commands

Discover the truth about embedded commands and how to deliver them successfully to the subconscious mind without resistance.


How to Use in Presentations

6 questions you must answer to create hypnotic sales presentations. Sell your products hypnotically on TV. Sell them on the radio, the Internet, and face to face. Make your sales soar beyond your competitors.

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