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The fundamentals of self-hypnosisHere's The Best Way To Get Started
Using Self-Hypnosis

ALWAYS REMEMBER! What the inner mind believes to be true, makes it true externally.

If you've ever wondered why you're not getting what you want it's usually because you have limiting beliefs that you have placed on yourself.

Self-hypnosis can be used to eliminate and/or replace any limiting belief.

All that is required is for you to begin to program your inner mind with positive "is now" statements and to associate positive feelings with what you desire to be true for you (and in your life).

So many people make the mistake searching for self-hypnosis strategies when the fundamentals of self-hypnosis are crucial to learn first.

My son, who is 11 years old, just started along with his classmates their first year playing basketball. It was obvious during their first and second game that the coaches assumed the children were already experts in the fundamentals although they were not.

The players couldn't dribble well. They missed easy shots. They paid no attention to rebounding the basketball.

The coaches were more interested in having them run plays, although the players weren't skilled in the fundamentals.

I told my son before his next game, "if you get the ball, shoot it! The only way you're going to score is if you just shoot the ball first, and then ask questions later!"

During game time, he indeed got the ball, was open, shot it, and swish!

This dramatically increased his self-confidence. I have now taught my son to consistently work on becoming a better player by paying less attention to plays, and more attention to dribbling, passing, shooting, and rebounding the basketball to the best of his ability.

As you can see, when learning anything for the first time, it's important you learn the fundamentals first before searching for the more advanced strategies. -- PLUS ... the fundamentals of self-hypnosis is what is often all that is needed to build momentum toward building any successful outcome you desire.

Some Important Fundamentals of Self-Hypnosis Are:

  1. Relaxing your body and mind.
  2. Associating positive feelings with desired outcomes.
  3. Programming the inner mind with positive "is now" statements.

1. How To Relax Your Body And Mind

To get started, use your focus and intent to achieve deep relaxation.

Here Are Some Ways To Achieve Deep Relaxation:

  • Taking in deep breaths and letting them out slowly.
  • Visualizing 3 different objects for each of the colors of the rainbow.
  • Counting backwards from 50-1 with intent to go "deeper into relaxation" with each number.
  • Tensing up muscles and relaxing them one by one.
  • Imagine walking down stairs and going "deeper" with each step you take.
  • Fractionation.

2. How To Associate Positive Feelings With Desired Outcomes:

The "inner mind" responds to vibration. Vibrations are formed by our feelings. Our feelings come from what we focus on and think about consistently.

Therefore, the more we associate positive feelings with desired outcomes, the higher the probability of us achieving the goals we desire.

Here Are Some Ways To Associate "Good Vibes" With Desired Outcomes:

  • Remember similar past experiences of success while visuzalizing and thinking about what you want.
  • Building a "stacking anchor" using NLP dynamics.

3. Programming The Inner Mind With Positive "Is Now" Statements:

Affirmations are effective when the critical thinking does not get in the way, and when the positive "is now" statement gets repeated. This is why "relaxing" the mind and body is crucial in order to successfully program the inner mind with verbal statements.

When properly using self-hypnosis, the inner mind accepts and automatically begins to manifest any positive affirmation it gets programmed with.

The inner mind does not know good from bad, right from wrong, hard from easy, big from small. It just accepts what is placed into it as truth, and whatever it believes to be true makes it true externally.


Unfortunately, most "self-development" techniques focus on conscious methods of success.

Some authors, gurus, and speakers teach advanced concepts and non-fundamental self-hypnosis strategies.

The "secret" to self-hypnosis is reducing the influence of the conscious, critical thinking mind.

That is why if you repeat phrases "out loud" hoping they'll come true, often they do not because consciously we know that we are telling a lie. That means no matter how much we exert our will power and conscious effort to program our mind to achieve our affirmations, they often almost don't come true because we constantly criticize the "is now" statements!

Fortunately, we can easily bypass the conscious mind, and program positive "is now" statements using self-hypnosis.

Here Are Some Ways To Program Positive "Is Now" Statements Into The Inner Mind:

  • Repeating the statements several times out loud with emotion and intent after relaxing the mind and body.
  • Making audio recordings that repeat affirmations in the background while you work, exercise, travel, sleep, etc.
  • Triggering NLP anchors while saying the positive statements.
  • Through the use of "Inner Mind Programming" audio technology. (Click here to download a free example.)

There Are Many Forms Of Self-Hypnosis

  • One can do it through meditation and visualization.
  • Through affirmation and self suggestion.
  • Through "Anchor Triggering".
  • Through Inner Mind Programming (audio and video files). NOTE: See "Manifestation Maximizer" for example of automatic mind programming. A $19.95 value. Free for a limited time -- to automcally program your inner mind to build a winning self-image.

The Quality Inner Mind Performance You Require

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