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“Nathan! I started to build my confidence to talk to women using your strategies after watching you walk into a bar, say something to the hottest chick in the place, and then walking out with her holding your hand and dragging you out of the place to go back to her house! As soon as I developed those same attitudes, I managed to go to a shopping mall and get 42 phone numbers from beautiful women in ONE DAY!” - Rodney Parker, Florida

Funny thing was, when this happened, he cell phone didn’t have cameras on them yet! Later he told me he had a very difficult time remembering who was who! So he’d just randomly call one up to meet her. He said “Well, at least I knew her name and that’s all I needed!”

Imagine using doing the same thing now. You can actually take her picture to go into your phone so that you can later select which one you want to choose to meet first.

“I used one of your hypnotic seduction techniques to make a woman feel really attracted to me. I was actually quite surprised and bit frightened by how aggressively sexual she became with me. I thought it was a fluke until I used it again, and then again, and it worked almost every time. I say “almost” because some women are just deadbeats so this also helped me to sort out the cold fish from the wild and passionate ones.” -- Michael Cooper, South Carolina

“I have never gone through such a simple class about the 7 powerful steps to getting women to become more and more attracted to you than yours. You’re right, as soon as you start to treat women in these 7 ways they really can’t help but to think you’re the MAN! I started to use these methods on my wife and she started doing a LOT more for me, bragged to her friends about me, and opened up much more in the bedroom. I’m really happy with your 7 Step Seduction System. Very, VERY happy. Thank you.” -- Trey, Cadillac MI

Here’s what I’ve done for you.

I uncover the crucial mistakes guys make that causes women to feel unattractive to you and how to avoid them.

Then I show you how to meet women with confidence and show you what to say and how to treat her so that she can’t help but find you utterly attractive.

That means more women respond sexually to you, want you to be hers, and daydream about when the two of you will be together again. That means a LOT more sex.

I also quickly cover the hypnotic techniques that you don’t know how to use that, like most struggling guys in the dating arena, don’t know even exist that gets women to melt in your arms and sometimes aggressively make moves to get you into bed.

Just learning these Secret Hypnotic Seduction Techniques will increase your ability to get laid by up to 50% overnight.

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These secrets, PDF's, and audio programs and insights until now, were removed from the market after getting married because I lost total desire in teaching guys how to pick up women. I got my dream girl already (after going through hundreds of them) and since I’m happy, I decided why not let other guys use what I know, so they too could get positive results?

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Nathan Blaszak, Cht.

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